Oliver Twisted

“With apologies to Charles Dickens, Oliver, like the more famous fictional London urchin, is always asking ‘Please, Sir, can I have some more?’ Unlike Master Twist though, our young Master Twisted wants more statistics information. Of course he does, who wouldn’t? Let us not be the ones to disappoint a young, dirty, slightly smelly boy who dines on gruel. When Oliver appears he’s telling you that there is additional information to be found on the companion website. (It took a long time to write, so someone please actually read it.)”

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Chapter 2: Everything you never wanted to know about statistics

Chapter 4: Exploring data with graphs

Chapter 5: The beast of bias

Chapter 6: Non-parametric models

Chapter 7: Correlation

Chapter 10: Moderation, mediation and more regression

Chapter 11: Comparing several means: ANOVA (GLM 1)

Chapter 13: Factorial ANOVA (GLM 3)

Chapter 14: Repeated-measures designs (GLM 4)

Chapter 16: Multivariate analysis of variance (MANOVA)

Chapter 17: Exploratory factor analysis

Chapter 19: Logistic regression

Chapter 20: Multilevel linear models

Author: Andy Field

Pub Date: February 2013

Pages: 952

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