Brian’s Attempt to Woo Jane: Visual Summaries

“Brian Haemorrhage is in love with Jane Superbrain. Jane never even acknowledges his existence because she thinks he’s an idiot. She likes people who know about statistics. At the end of each chapter Brian will appear and show off his newly acquired knowledge to see whether Jane is impressed enough to go on a date with him. We’ll also see how she reacts to his attempt to woo her.”

Click below to see each chapter summary as Brian and Jane’s tale of romance unfolds…

Chapter 1: Why is my evil lecturer forcing me to learn statistics? 

Chapter 2: Everything you never wanted to know about statistics

Chapter 3: The IBM SPSS Statistics environment

Chapter 4: Exploring data with graphs

Chapter 5: The beast of bias

Chapter 6: Non-parametric models

Chapter 7: Correlation

Chapter 8: Regression

Chapter 9: Comparing two means

Chapter 10: Moderation, mediation and more regression

Chapter 11: Comparing several means: ANOVA (GLM 1)

Chapter 12: Analysis of covariance, ANCOVA (GLM 2)

Chapter 13: Factorial ANOVA (GLM 3)

Chapter 14: Repeated-measures designs (GLM 4)

Chapter 15: Mixed design ANOVA (GLM 5)

Chapter 16: Multivariate analysis of variance (MANOVA)

Chapter 17: Exploratory factor analysis

Chapter 18: Categorical data

Chapter 19: Logistic regression

Chapter 20: Multilevel linear models

Author: Andy Field

Pub Date: February 2013

Pages: 952

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