Author: Andy Field

Pub Date: February 2013

Pages: 952

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Welcome to the companion website for the fourth edition of Discovering Statistics Using IBM SPSS Statistics by Andy Field.

In this highly anticipated new edition of his best-selling textbook, author Andy Field takes us through the rigours of SPSS with his signature brand of humour, now updated to include even more colourful characters and challenging problems.

This updated companion website provides resources for students and lecturers based on each chapter of the new edition, along with testbanks and tools highlighting the applicability of SPSS to other subject areas such as Health Sciences and Sports Studies.

Watch Andy introduce the new edition in this behind-the-scenes video:

Click here to watch more Andy Field videos, including the ‘Ask Andy Anything’ series in which Andy responds to the questions his readers posted on Facebook!

Lecturer Resources

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This section of the companion website contains resources which are available free of charge to lecturers who adopt the fourth edition of Discovering Statistics Using IBM SPSS Statistics by Andy Field.

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Student Resources

This section contains a wealth of resources for students, including:

  • Chapter Introduction Extracts
  • Cramming Sam’s Tips
  • Labcoat Leni’s Real Research
  • Oliver Twisted
  • Self Test Answers
  • Oditi’s Lantern Videos
  • Smart Alex Solutions by chapter
  • Brian’s Attempts to Woo Jane Visual Chapter Summaries
  • Multiple Choice Questions by chapter  COMING SOON!
  • Flashcards based on the glossary terms
  • Student resources from the 3rd edition

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eLearning, Assessment and Custom Solutions

The eLearning, Assessment and Custom Solutions tab provides information on institutional resources that are available for purchase along with this new edition. This section is useful for lecturers and librarians interested in enhancing their students’ experience of using the textbook. The resources available are listed below.

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WebAssign – Online homework and grading

STATLAB Online – The Online Statistics Laboratory

SAGE Research Methods Online – The Essential Tool for Researchers

Flexible Course Study Solutions – Create Your Own Textbook!

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