Oditi's Lantern Videos

Oditi believes that the secret to life is hidden in numbers and that only by large-scale analysis of those numbers shall the secrets be found. He didn’t have time to enter, analyse and interpret all of the data in the world, so he established the cult of undiscovered numerical truths. Working on the principle that if you gave a million monkeys typewriters, one of them would re-create Shakespeare, members of the cult sit at their computers crunching numbers in the hope that one of them will unearth the hidden meaning of life. To help his cult Oditi has set up a visual vortex called ‘Oditi’s Lantern’. When Oditi appears it is to implore you to stare into the lantern, which basically means there is a video tutorial to guide you.


Oditi’s SPSS lecture videos by chapter:

Chapter 3: The IBM SPSS Statistics environment

Entering Data:

Importing Data

Viewer Window

Exporting Output

Syntax Window

Chapter 4: Exploring data with graphs

Editing Graphs

Chapter 5: The Central Limit Theorem

Central Limit Theorem

Select Cases


Chapter 6: Nonparametric Tests

Chapter 7: Correlation

Chapter 8: Regression

SPSS Automatic Linear Modeling

My Ding A Ling

The Linear Model (Regression Part I)

Bias in Linear Models (Regression Part II)

Chapter 9: Comparing two means


Chapter 10: Moderation, mediation and more regression

Moderation and Mediation

Moderation and Categorical Predictors (Regression Part III)

Chapter 11: Comparing several means: ANOVA (GLM 1)

One-Way Independent ANOVA (GLM 1)

Following-Up ANOVA (GLM 1)

Chapter 12: Analysis of covariance, ANCOVA (GLM 2)


Chapter 13: Factorial ANOVA (GLM 3)

Chapter 14: Repeated-measures ANOVA (GLM 4)

Chapter 15: Mixed design ANOVA (GLM 5)

Chapter 16: Multivariate analysis of variance (MANOVA)

Chapter 17: Factor Analysis/PCA

Chapter 18: Chi-square

All Oditi’s videos can also be accessed through MobileStudy and revised on the go. Scan any of the QR codes in the chapters to access the tips associated with them. Click the MobileStudy tab above to learn more.

Author: Andy Field

Pub Date: February 2013

Pages: 952

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