Table of Contents

Part I: Principles and Foundations of Counseling Assessment

Chapter 1: Introduction to Counseling Assessment

Chapter 2: Basic Assessment and Statistical Concepts

Chapter 3: Reliability

Chapter 4: Validity

Chapter 5: Selecting, Administering, Scoring, and Reporting Assessment Results

Chapter 6: Integrating Assessment into Counseling Practice


Part II: Overview of Assessment Areas

Chapter 7: Intelligence and General Ability Assessment

Chapter 8: Achievement and Aptitude Assessment

Chapter 9: Standardized Methods of Personality Assessment

Chapter 10: Projective Methods of Personality Assessment

Chapter 11: Behavioral Assessment

Chapter 12: Career and Vocational Assessment


Part III: Applications and Issues

Chapter 13: Assessment in Clinical Settings

Chapter 14: Outcome Assessment and Program Evaluation

Chapter 15: Assessment Issues with Diverse Populations

Chapter 16: Ethical and Legal Issues in Assessment