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Chapter 1: The Role of Marketing Research

  • Web Quiz
    • Web Resources
    • The Marketing Research Association
      The official web site of the marketing research association. “Best Practices” for marketing research, data privacy, online research, and telephone research can be found under the
      Standards” tab. Check out the “Principles of Marketing Research” and past and upcoming webinars under the “Education” tab. Most webinars are low cost for non-members, and free to members. The “Information” tab contains links to Association news, and articles of interest to the research industry.
    • Quirks Marketing Research Media
      A one-stop shop for industry practitioners, this web site provides directories of service providers and facilities, a job listing service, and recent and archived articles of relevance to the research industry.
    • ThinkNow Research
      This firm specializes in concept testing, online focus group research, and quantitative research for the Hispanic market, including both English and Spanish speaking households.
    • The Realise Group
      An Australian boutique research agency that specializes in retail mystery shopping programs.
    • ReRez
      A full-service research firm that also serves as an example of a sample aggregator. ReRez’s multiple online panels represent over 22 million individuals in over 53 countries.
    • GreenBook Research Industry Trends Report
      Check out the most recent edition of the GreenBook Research Industry Trends Report. Access if free with your email registration.

Chapter 2: The Marketing Research Process

  • Web Quiz
    • Web Resources
    • Sample Request for Proposals
      Examples of requests for proposals for a variety of Universities seeking marketing research.
    • YouTube Video: Brand Exploratory Research
      “Man-on-the-street” interviews of New York Giants tailgaters at the New Meadowlands Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ. Interviews asked participants for their brand impressions of 6 different popular beers: Coors Light, Bud Light, Miller Lite, Amstel Light, Budweiser, and Corona.
    • ESOMAR: Marketing Research Ethical Code
      ESOMAR has created a code for ethical social and market research which can be accessed from the Knowledge and Standards sections. Additional links access codes and guidelines for a variety of specialized forms of marketing research.
    • CASRO Code of Standards and Ethics for Survey Research
      Outlines the professional and legal responsibilities that CASRO members must adhere to when dealing with respondents, clients, outside contractors, and interviewers.

Chapter 3: Secondary Research

  • Web Quiz
    • Web Resources
    • NPD Group
      The NPD group is a syndicated marketing research firm that offers consumer behavior and retail tracking studies over a wide range of industries and countries. Visit the “Products” page to learn more about the tracking services, analytics solutions, and advisory services offered by the NPD Group. NPD Insights offers snippets of the latest news and marketing research generated consumer insights from the NPD Group.
    • Experian
      Experian is a syndicated research service offering a wide range of services including retail store traffic analysis, online behavior, consumer segmentation, consumer data, and consumer research. Each of these can be explored in more detail by clicking the relevant link under the Product tab. Free information, research reports, and webinars related to consumer trends, marketing infographic and online trends, webinars can be found under the Insight Studio tab.
    • Arbitron, Inc.
      Arbitron Inc. is a syndicated media research firm best known for providing U.S. radio ratings on a local and national level. Arbitron also collects audience measurement data related to mobile devices, television and out-of-home media. In response to the changing media habits and lifestyles of consumers, Arbitron developed both the Portable People Meter ™(PPM™) and the PPM 360™ to assist in data collection. Arbitron offers several free studies and reports on a variety of topics.
    • Nielsen Media Research
      Well-known for their television rating, Nielsen Media Research is also a premiere provider of syndicated data for retailers. Online, mobile, and radio research is also conducted. Visit the “Measurement” tab and make a selection to learn more about any of these topics. Nielsen’s blog, called the Nielsen Wire, is a great source of free syndicated data, though it is presented in an abbreviated format. The “News and Insight” tab provides access to the Nielsen Wire, FREE reports and downloads, top ten trends, and more. Nielsen also offers the opportunity to sign-up for a free newsletter under this tab.
    • Harris Interactive
      Best known for their Harris polls, Harris Interactive offers syndicated research in the form of “multi-client research studies” that are explained on the “Product” page. Harris Interactive also offers custom research opportunities in a variety of industries. Details can be found by exploring the information under the “Solutions” and “Industry” pages. The “Insights” page offers access to past newsletter issues. Marketing students may be most interested in the “Trends & Tudes” newsletter. Free data via newsletters tends to be older than that found via the Nielsen Wire. More recent information stemming from Harris Poll data can be found on the “News” page.
    • Gfk
      Gfk is global, multi-faceted research firm that provides both syndicated data and custom research. Visiting the “A to Z of Gfk Products” page will lead to a listing of the various research services available.
    • US Consumer Expenditures Survey
      Provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Consumer Expenditures Survey provides a variety of information related to American buying habits. Annual reports in PDF format are available, and a variety of tables can be easily accessed. Explanations of the methodology used to compile data are also available.
    • American Factfinder
      The U.S. Census Bureau offers a wealth of information, but can be intimidating to the novice user. An easy way to statistics on population, housing, businesses, and local governments broken down by state, city, county, or zip code is to use the American FactFinder feature.
    • State & County QuickFacts
      Provides easy access to general population and business statistics by state, county, or city. Data can be downloaded in a delimited text file, or in Excel format. Part of the US Census website.
    • County and ZIP Code Business Patterns
      County Business Patterns provides economic data by industry and can be helpful when analyzing market potential or sales quotas. ZIP Code Business Patterns provides similar data by zip code.
    • Beginning Analytics: Interpreting and Acting on Your Data
      This video provides an excellent overview to Google Analytics’ Website analytics are secondary research collected by Google via online observation research methods.

Chapter 4: Qualitative Research

Chapter 5: Observation Research

  • Web Quiz
    • Web Resources
    • Link Analysis
      Visit this link and search on a popular website to see a demonstration of link analysis
    • United States Postal Service
      Sample observation form.
    • Usability Testing Example
      Usability testing is a specific form of observation research that is commonly incorporated into the product development process. The video demonstrates how usability labs have been helpful in developing video games.
    • Motorola - Shop Along Video
      The text references Envirosell’s video-taped shop along as a type of undisguised, natural observation research. Motorola research uses a similar methodology; the video provides an interesting addition to class lecture.
    • Ethnographic Study Excerpts
      A short example of excerpts from an ethnographic study investigating attitudes towards online advertising.
    • Ethnographic Research Today
      Discusses the early usage of ethnographic research in marketing research, and how technology is changing ethnographic research today.
    • Beginning Analytics: Interpreting and Acting on Your Data
      This video provides an excellent overview to Google Analytics’ Website analytics are secondary research collected by Google via online observation research methods.
    • SAS Text Analytics
      Offers an example of text mining software. Which type of text mining technology discussed in the textbook does this software incorporate?
    • Tracking Your Internet Data
      Excellent video on behavioral marketing and how websites, Internet advertising agencies and others collect and use data to target buyers.
    • 6 Ways to Get the Most Out of Market Basket Analysis
      Discusses several benefits of market basket analysis, and how it can be used by marketers.
    • Nielsen Cross-Platform Homes
      Nielsen has recently improved their methodology to account for the fact that many people are viewing television on tablets or phones. Learn more by watching this video.
    • Display Advertising Tracking Study
      Demonstrates how eye-tracking is used in an experimental context. Research questions are listed, eyetracking is demonstrated, and the study’s findings are presented.
    • Tobaii Eye Tracking YouTube Channel
      Other eye-tracking videos can be found on the Tobii Eye Tracking YouTube channel.
    • Natural Environment Eye-Tracking
      An example of a mobile eye tracking device which can be worn during an actual shopping trip.
    • Neuromarketing
      Neuromarketing is an application of cognitive neuroscience.

Chapter 6: Experimental Research

  • Web Quiz
    • Web Resources
    • Lightspeed Research
      Lightspeed research is an example of one many research firms that maintain a variety of global and specialty research panels. Information about panel quality and management can be found under the global tab; Lightspeed takes several actions to avoid fraudulent responses. White papers offer interesting data related to the impact of internet survey reminders, questionnaire length, and more are available under the Resources tab. The Lightspeed newsletter provides tips and best practices for online surveying.
    • NBRI White Papers and eBook
      A free 30 page book entitled, “How to Conduct a Survey” can be downloaded after completing a short registration form. Several white papers related to chapter content are also available, including “The Value of Longitudinal Research”, “The Value of Surveying Employees and Customers,” “Is It Possible to Overcome the Effects of a Poorly Designed Questionnaire,” and “Minimizing Errors in Survey Research,” among others.
    • 20 Types of Marketing Surveys
      This particular blog article discusses the research purchase behind 20 different types of survey research studies. A free eBook entitled, “Basic Marketing Research Volume 1: Designing Your Study” is also available. A monthly newsletter listing marketing research tips is offered free to those who wish to subscribe.
    • Free Survey Software is one of several websites that allows users to create short, free surveys. Several examples of surveys used in marketing research and customer satisfaction studies can be found under the “Examples” tab.
    • Online Survey Panel Providers offers a list of firms that provide online panels for research studies.
    • SurveyMonkey YouTube channel
      Contains tutorial videos related to using the SurveyMonkey software, as well as other topics. A particular video that may be of interest is entitled, “SurveyMonkey Audience: Survey Design Best Practices Webinar”.

Chapter 7: Survey Research

  • Web Quiz
    • Web Resources
    • Experimental Marketing Research Webinars and Case Studies’s Web clinics are hour-long webinars that demonstrate causal research in search marketing, website optimization, email marketing and more. Past webinars can be accessed from the website, and free registration is available for future webinars. New webinars are released every three weeks. Subscribing to the site allows users to access research results, research summaries, and spreadsheet-based analysis tools.
    • 10 Tips for Effectively Choosing a Test Market
      Provides advice on selecting a test market.
    • Top Test Market Cities
      Lists the top 10 test market cities which represent American consumers as a whole, as well as the 10 markets which are least representative. The 2004 publication date makes this list somewhat dated; further research should be conducted before selecting any of these cities for test market studies.
    • AdWord Campaign Experiments
      Describes how experiments can be used to test the text and display aspects of Google AdWords.
    • Marketing Experiments: From the Basics to the Cutting Edge
      From the WhartonAnalytics division of Wharton University. Discusses an overview of experimental testing opportunities in marketing and the basic statistical methods that underlie the most popular testing techniques.

Chapter 8: Sampling Procedures

Chapter 9: Measurement Methods

  • Web Quiz
    • Web Resources
    • Marketing Scales
      A comprehensive collection of marketing and consumer behavior scales. Scales are reviewed for reliability and validity, and can be purchased independently or as part of a larger volume. An excellent resource for those involved in marketing research.
    • Usable Stats: Types of Measurement Scales
      Reviews the different types of measurement scales in easy to understand language.
    • Test Your Understanding of Measurement Scales
      Reviews the different types of measurement scales then offers an interactive quiz that allows students to test their understanding of nominal, ordinal, and interval scales.
    • Types of Data
      Reviews and illustrates the nominal, ordinal, interval and ratio levels of measurement and how the level of measurement impacts data analysis.
    • How to Perform a Reliability Analysis in SPSS
      A tutorial on how to conduct a Chronbach’s Alpha Reliability Analysis in SPSS.

Chapter 10: Marketing Scales

Chapter 11: Questionnaire Design

Chapter 12: Fundamental Data Analysis

Chapter 13: Analysis of Differences and Regression Analysis

Chapter 14: Market Research Reports and Presentations

Authors: Kenneth E. Clow and Karen E. James

Pub Date: January 2013

Pages: 520

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