Student Study Site for Teaching Science in Elementary & Middle School, Second Edition
A Cognitive and Cultural Approach
Cory A. Buxton and Eugene F. Provenzo, Jr.

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Video Introduction


SAGE is pleased to provide you with video clips created by Cory Buxton and Eugene Provenzo to accompany 34 of the experiments found in Chapters 6, 7, 8, and 9 of their text, Teaching Science in Elementary and Middle School.  These videos will help you visualize the experiments discussed in the text and help you make connections between the text content and science methods.  The clips bring textbook concepts to life so you can reflect on seeing science methods in action.

In the menu for Chapters 6-9 you will find multiple video clips. These clips are number to correspond with the Experiments in the text. We have also provided a variety of video resources to help you understand the video clips, which will include a description of what occurs in the video clip, and pre and post-video discussion questions developed by the authors. Please note that there are multiple clips for each chapter, but not all experiments in the book are covered. We hope you enjoy the video clips and that they enhance your learning experience.

Chapter 1: The Nature of Science

Chapter 2: Science Education in Social Context

Chapter 3: Toward a Philosophy of Hands-On Inquiry-Based Science Education

Chapter 4: Diverse Learners in the Science Classroom

Chapter 5: Observing as a Scientist and as a Science Teacher

Chapter 6: Understanding and Teaching Earth and Space Sciences

Chapter 7: Understanding and Teaching Biology

Chapter 8: Understanding and Teaching Chemistry

Chapter 9: Understanding and Teaching Physics

Chapter 10: Teacher Professional Development: Growing as a Teacher of Science