Author: Lani Russell

Pub Date:December 2013

Pages: 224

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Welcome to the companion website for Sociology for Health Professionals by Lani Russell.

This website provides a range of free teaching and learning resources for use in conjunction with the textbook, Sociology for Health Professionals.

For lecturers this website provides...

  • Teaching Resources - ideas for using the exercises from the book in your teaching, plus additional exercises not included in the book -  ideal for class-based discussion.
  • Overview for lecturers and teachers - describes how the book and companion website resources can be used.

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About the Book

Sociology is a key topic for all trainee health professionals, but many struggle to see what sociology has to offer. Based on years of experience teaching sociology to healthcare students, Lani Russell has written a truly introductory text which explains the main sociological concepts without jargon or becoming too advanced. Using carefully chosen examples, she shows how health issues are influenced by social phenomena such as class, race or sexuality and the relevance this has for practitioners.

The book includes:

  • The main sociological concepts relevant to healthcare students
  • Examples linking sociological concepts and major health topics
  • Exercises to test students' understanding
  • Glossaries of key terms and key theorists
  • Advice on further reading
This is the ideal text to recommend to students who need an accessible introduction to the sociology of health and illness.