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Here you’ll find access to free, author-recommended SAGE journal articles to accompany your study of each chapter:

Chapter 1 - Biomedicine

Adams, J., Braun, V. and McCreanor, T. (2012) Gay Men Talking about Health: Are Sexuality and Health Interlinked? American Journal of Men’s Health 6 (3): 182-93.

Chapter 2 – Power

Nettleton, S. (2004) The Emergence of E-Scaped Medicine. Sociology 38(4): 661-79.

Chapter 3 - Class
Graham, H. (2012) Smoking, Stigma and Social Class. Journal of Social Policy 41 (1): 83-99.

Chapter 4 - Ethnicity

Atkin, K., Ahmed, S., Hewison, J. and Green, J.M. (2008) Decision-Making and Ante-Natal Screening for Sickle Cell and Thalassaemia Disorders: To What Extent do Faith and Religious Identity Mediate Choice? Current Sociology 56(1): 77-98.

Chapter 5 – Age

Vincent, J. A. (2006) Ageing Contested: Anti-ageing Science and the Cultural Construction of Old Age. Sociology 40: 681-98.

Chapter 6 – Gender

Springer, K. W. and Mouzon, D. M. (2011) ‘Macho men’ and preventative healthcare: Implications for Older Men in Different Social Classes. Journal of Health and Social Behavior 52 (2): 212-27.

Chapter 7 – Sexuality

Fish, J. (2010) Promoting equality and valuing diversity for lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans patients. InnovAiT 3(6): 333-38.

Chapter 8 – Chronic illness and disability

Lavie-Ajayi, M. et al (2012) Chronic Pain as a Narratological Distress: A Phenomenological Study. Chronic Illness 8 (3): 192-200.

Chapter 9 – Mental health

Scheid, T.L. (2013) A Decade of Critique: Notable Books in the Sociology of Mental Health and Illness. Contemporary Sociology: A Journal of Reviews 42(2): 177-83.

Chapter 10 – Health care

Cowden, S. and Singh, Gurnam (2007) The ‘User’: Friend, Foe or Fetish? A Critical Exploration of User Involvement in Health and Social Care. Critical Social Policy 27(1): 5-23.

Author: Lani Russell

Pub Date:December 2013

Pages: 224

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