Chapter 13

The Global Dynamics of Populations: Demographic Trends

Sociologists at Work

Ruth Sidel: Generation X Women on Their Own


Micro-Macro Connections

Graying of America


Related Resources

National Center for Health Statistics

The NCHS, a branch of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, publishes a wide range of demographic reports on this site. Of particular interest are statistics about birth and death rates, some comparing the United States to other countries.

Public Agenda

"The inside source for public opinion and policy analysis," created as a resource for journalists, offers facts (some in graphic form) for understanding various issues, as well as analyses of public opinion survey data and of public policy news and studies. One feature increasing this site's credibility is its "red flags" about potentially misleading poll results. Among the social issues addressed is immigration.

U.S. Census Bureau Population and Household Economic Topics

For a wealth of demographic and socioeconomic information on the U.S. population, including access to Statistical Abstracts of the United States, check the links on this page. The Census Bureau's site also includes a page of links to data about the U.S. economy.


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