Chapter 10

Micro-Macro Connections

Corporate Interlocks


Related Resources

ERIC Database

ERIC is "the world's largest source of education information, with nearly 1 million abstracts of documents and journal articles on education research and practice." Some of these papers provide useful sociological information on the relationship between education and social class. Abstracts of the papers are free; the site also explains how to obtain copies of the papers, many at low cost.

National Priorities Project

Federal spending for social needs and community-based programs does not compare well with military spending and tax breaks for the very wealthy, as the charts and other collections of state and local data on this site indicate. National Priorities Project, Inc., is dedicated to helping ordinary citizens understand government budget priorities and to pointing up the real, local impacts of federal policies.

Public Agenda

"The inside source for public opinion and policy analysis," created as a resource for journalists, offers facts (some in graphic form) for understanding various issues, as well as analyses of public opinion survey data and of public policy news and studies. One feature increasing this site's credibility is its "red flags" about potentially misleading poll results. Among the social issues addressed is the welfare system.


Statistics on poverty and welfare can be called up by state or compared across states. This site was created for journalists but provides reliable data for sociological analysis.


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