Qualitative Presentations

Click on the links below to see examples of qualitative research posters and Microsoft PowerPoint® slides to accompany oral presentations which are available for use in learning about qualitative research (the presentation authors have given their permission for use in teaching, but retain copyright).

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See: Braun, V., Tricklebank, G. & Clarke, V. (manuscript in press) “It Shouldn’t Stick Out from your Bikini at the Beach”: Meaning, Gender, and the Hairy/Hairless Body. Psychology of Women Quarterly. *Available once published*

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See: Clarke, V. & Spence, K. (2013) ‘I am who I am’: Navigating norms and the importance of authenticity in lesbian and bisexual women’s accounts of their appearance practices. Psychology & Sexuality, 4(1), 25-33.

Authors:Virginia Braun and Victoria Clarke

Pub Date: March 2013

Pages: 400

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