David Westbrook, Helen Kennerley and Joan Kirk

Pub Date: Mar 2011

Pages: 448

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David Westbrook, Helen Kennerley and Joan Kirk

An Introduction to Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Second Edition is the definitive beginner’s guide to the basic theory, skills and applications of CBT. Leading OCTC authors set out the core concepts and generic skills of CBT, including case formulation; the therapeutic relationship; and cognitive, behavioural and physiological therapeutic strategies. Practical illustrations of how these techniques can be applied to the most common mental health problems ensure that theory translates into real-life practice.

As well as exploring depression, panic and agoraphobia, OCD and other anxiety disorders, the book considers CBT for less common disorders such as anger and eating disorders. Discussion of different methods of delivery includes work with individuals, groups, couples and families. This edition also includes new case study material and learning exercises.

This companion website features 15 streamed extracts from video role-plays illustrating some of the key strategies described in the book.

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