Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Field Experience as Formative to Professional Identity

Field Experience: A Unique Learning Experience

Field Work: Fostering an Emerging Professional Identity

Shared Values and Perspectives

Case: More than One Person

Case: Tertiary Prevention

Case: Strength Based Approach to Empowerment

Chapter 2: Matching Self-to-Site

It Starts With Self-Appraisal

Core Knowledge and Skills

Beyond the Core - Specialty Knowledge and Skills

Lifestyle and Career Development

Beyond the Core - Specialty Knowledge and Skills

Matching Self-to-Site: Targeting Professional Development

Chapter 3: From the Ideal to the Real

Knowing the Ideal

Performance Assessment - Suggesting Priorities

Role and Function in Service of the Mission

Case: Breaking Free

Case: Time Study

Case: Gaining Permission to Engage the Parents

Chapter 4: The Ethics of Practice: More than Knowing, BEING

The Need and Value of Professional Ethics

Case: Not Comforting

Case: Sensitive to Client Culture


From the Ideal to the Real

Chapter 5: Reflecting on Practice

Reflecting "on" Practice: Case Conceptualization

Case: A Changing Picture

Case: Something - Not Quite Right?

Case: Mid-Conversation Adjustment

Reflective Practice - Supporting Efficacy and Accountability

Case: Is it really the distraction?

From Assessment to Development

Chapter 6: Growing through Supervision

Counseling Supervision

Case: Thank God, For Dr. L.

Counseling Supervision Models

Case: Needing a Sitter

Case: Loosing Perspective

Transitioning from Student to Professional Counselor in Supervision

Chapter 7: Multicultural Counseling in Practice

Case: Why does He Wants to Know That?

Case: Why Does He Wants to Know That?

Case: Confronting My Own Ethnocentrism and Racism

Counselor Awareness of Own Cultural Values and Biases

Case: Confronting My Own Ethnocentrism and Racism

Case: Is She Really Helping?

Case: Alda

Case: A Case of Child Abuse

Case: Cocreating Meaning

Chapter 8: Crisis Prevention and Intervention - Suicide and Homicide

Phases of Crisis and Counselor Response

Identifying Risk: Common Characteristics of Suicide

Case: It's Difficult for Me to Go On

Case: Where is the way out?

Chapter 9: Reducing Risk

The Risk of Physical Harm

Reducing Legal Risks

Professional Boundaries

Case: Case Conferencing

Case: Documentation

Chapter 10: Documentation and Record Keeping

Standard of Care

Desirable Defense against Litigation

The "What" of Case Documentation

Progress Notes: A Fundamental and Practical Form of Recording

Case: A Real Surprise

Recommendations for Case Notes Writing and Record Keeping

The "HOW" or Format of Case Documentation

Chapter 11: Termination and Closure

Terminating the Counseling Relationship

The Ethics of Termination

Case: Ward vs. Wilbanks

Case: I'm Happy with My Therapy

Case: Debt Collection

Challenges to Effective and Ethical Termination

Case: No Longer Objective

Steps toward Effective and Ethical Termination

Chapter 12: Self Care and Self Protection - Necessary for All Counselors

Counseling - Challenging the Wellbeing of the Counselor


Case: Celeste, A Counselor in Free Fall

Case: A Graduate Student in Simply Cared

Chapter 13: Transition from Practice to Career

Connection Between Internship and Career

Apprenticeship - Stepping Into the World of the Professional

Preparation for Employment

Job offers and Your Decision

Placement Resources

Advanced Education

Chapter 14: Transitions - Self as Counselor


Case: Experimentation

Case: Finding the Exception

Professional Identity: Both Common and Unique

Responding to the Calling

Professional Ethics: From Knowing to Valuing

Contributing to the Professional Community