Table of Contents


SECTION I: Using and Valuing Counseling Research

Chapter 1: The Research Consumer

Chapter 2: Ethical Research Practices

Chapter 3: Reading and Reviewing the Literature

SECTION II: Qualitative Approaches for Research

Chapter 4: Qualitatively Research I, the Tools and Skills

Chapter 5: Qualitative Research II, the Processes

Chapter 6: Action Research Methods

SECTION III: Descriptive Statistics and Correlation

Chapter 7: Nature of Variables and Data

Chapter 8: Mutual Dependence and Correlational Relationships

SECTION IV: Inferential Statistics and Hypothesis Testing

Chapter 9: Sampling and Sampling Error

Chapter 10: Scientific Method and Hypotheses Testing

Chapter 11: Inferences Using Categorical and Nominal Information

SECTION V: Measurement and Psychological Assessments

Chapter 12: Understanding and Evaluating Test Scores

Chapter 13: Instrument Development and Survey Research

SECTION VI: Organizing and Applying Research Skills

Chapter 14: Organizing Valid Research

Chapter 15: Mixed Methods Research

Chapter 16: Approaches for Evaluation

Chapter 17: Writing Research Proposals and Reports

Appendix A

Appendix B

Appendix C

Appendix D