Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction to Ethical Decision Making and Ethical Practice

Foundational Ethical Principles

Mandatory vs. Aspirational Ethics

Understanding Personal Ethics and Values

Steps in the Ethical Decision Making Process

Ethical Decision Making Challenges

Chapter 2: Ethical Decision Making Models

Theory-Based Ethical Decision Making Models

Practice-Based Ethical Decision Making Models

Cultural-Based Ethical Decision Making Models

Ethical Decision Making Models for Specialty Practice

Application of Ethical Decision Making Models

Chapter 3: Cultural Competency and Ethical Decision Making

Purposeful Cultural Ethical Decision Making

Demonstrating Cultural Sensitivity

Counselor Value-Based Conflicts Model (CVCM)

Roles and Types of Consultation

Chapter 4: Relational Ethical Decision Making

Nine Core Values Promoting Ethical Practice

The Relational Ethical Decision-Making Model

The Brief Ethical Decision Making Model

Chapter 5: Ethics and the Counseling Relationship

Scientific Bases for Treatment

Counselor Competence

Counselor Impairment

Chapter 6: Informed Consent

Purpose of Informed Consent

Informed Consent and Specific Practices

Chapter 7: Confidentiality and Record Keeping

Elements of Confidentiality

Breaching Confidentiality

Confidentiality and Specific Practices

Record Keeping

Chapter 8: Ethical Decision Making and Managing Professional Boundaries

Professional Boundaries

Employing an Ethical Decision Making Model

Boundaries and Contextual Considerations

Chapter 9: Minors


Working with School SystemsWorking with School Systems

Cultural and Contextual Competence

Chapter 10: Ethics in Family and Group Counseling

Specialized Practices for Group and Family Counseling

Counselor Competency

Confidentiality and Privacy


Chapter 11: Counselor Education and Supervision

Counselor Educators

Clinical Supervisors

Students and Counselors-in-Training (CIT)

Culture and Context

Chapter 12: Challenges to Ethical Practice in the 21st Century

Personal Challenges

Employment Challenges

Policy Challenges

Technological Challenges

Chapter 13: Resolving Ethical Issues

Ethics vs. the Law

Ethics in Credentialing Bodies

Adjudication Processes

What Counselors Should Do When They Are Accused of Ethical Misconduct

What to Do When You Suspect Someone Else of an Ethical Transgression

Chapter 14: Social Justice and Advocacy

Social Justice

Advocacy in Counseling

Professional Advocacy

Social Justice and Advocacy: Foundations of Ethical Practice