Authors: Andy Field, Jeremy Miles, Zoë Field

Pub Date: March 2012  

Pages: 958pp

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About the Authors

Andy Field is Professor of Child Psychopathology at The University of Sussex. He adores cats, and loves to listen to and play very heavy music. His ability to make statistics accessible and fun has been recognised with local and national teaching awards (University of Sussex, 2001; the British Psychological Society, 2007), a prestigious UK National Teaching Fellowship (2010), and the British Psychological Society book award (2006). He lives in Brighton with his wonderful wife Zoë and Fuzzy the cat. 

Jeremy Miles works as Behavioural scientist at the RAND Corporation in Santa Monica, California and as a Professor of Quantitative Methods at the Pardee-RAND Graduate School. He thinks dogs are better than cats but is wrong. He lives in Los Angeles with his twin boys, twin dogs, twin chickens but not twin wives. He has published several titles including the Understanding and Using Statistics in Psychology (SAGE, 2007).

Zoë Field works at The University of Sussex. She has published many research papers but this is her first book. She loves living in Statistics Hell with her beloved husband Andy and their cat Fuzzy.