Ballantine & Roberts - Our Social World, Condensed Version, Second Edition

Authors: Jeanne H. Roberts & Keith A. Roberts

Pub Date: October 2011

Pages: 560

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This student study site is intended to enhance your understanding of Our Social World, Condensed Version, Second Edition by Ballantine and Roberts. Please note that all the materials on this site are especially geared toward maximizing the potential for you to learn and enhance your educational experience.

The following materials are available on this site:

General Resources

Tips for Reading Journal Articles
This document helps students understand the content of scholarly articles by better understanding their structure.

Tips for Critiquing Journal Articles
This document provides students with tips for critiquing and evaluating scholarly articles.

Key to Engaging Sociology – Author Answers
See how the authors responded to the “Key to Engaging Sociology” feature from chapter one.

Chapter Resources

These study tools reinforce students’ understanding of key terms and concepts that have been outlined in the chapters.

Web Quizzes
Flexible self-quizzes allow students to independently assess their progress in learning course material.

Web Exercises
These links direct both instructors and students to useful and current web resources, along with creative activities to extend and reinforce learning.

Video Links
These videos reinforce chapter content through real life examples.

Audio Links
The audio links enhance the book’s coverage.

Recommended Readings
A list of books and articles that students can reference for additional information based on the key concepts in the text.

Journal Articles

A “Learning From SAGE Journal Articles” feature provides access to recent, relevant full-text articles from SAGE’s leading research journals. Each article supports and expands on the concepts presented in the chapter. This feature also provides discussion questions to focus and guide student interpretation.