Table of Contents

SECTION 1: Professional Counseling: A Cultural Occurrence

Chapter 1: Monocultural Context of Counseling as a Helping Profession

The Cultural and Value Foundations of Counseling in the United States

A Call for Multicultural Professional Identity Development in Transforming the Field of Counseling

Chapter 2: Demands for Multicultural Professional Counseling

The Presence and History of Cultural and Social Oppression

The Demographic changes in the United States

Immigration and Globalization

Necessary Multicultural Ethics

Chapter 3: Multicultural Movement – the Fourth Force

The Context and History of the Multicultural Movement

The Focus and Scope of Multicultural Counseling

A Necessary Multicultural Competency – Social Advocacy

SECTION 2: Counseling in the 21st Century: A multicultural Phenomenon

Chapter 4: Multicultural Contexts of Professional Counseling in the 21st Century

Cultural Context at the Individual Level

Cultural Context at the Societal Level

Cultural Context at the International Level

Chapter 5: Redefining and Renewing the Counseling Profession in the 21st Century

Redefining and Renewing: Now is the Time

Barriers to Multicultural Counseling

Effective Service to the Culturally Diverse: Redefining Counseling Practice

Effectively Serving the Culturally Diverse: A process of Renewing the Profession

Working with Cultural Diversity: A Basic Ethical Responsibility

SECTION 3: Becoming Multiculturally Competent

Chapter 6: Developing a Multicultural Identity

A model of multicultural Competence development

Challenges of multicultural identity development: dominant vs. subordinate group identities

Self-Assessment of multicultural self

Chapter 7: Understanding Social Oppression and Cultural Pluralism

Social Oppression: Results of Unearned Privileges by Dominant Groups

Social Oppression: Unjust, Unfair, and Damaging

Understanding the Culturally Diverse

Counselors’ Social and Professional Responsibility in Eliminating Oppression

SECTION 4: Exercising Multicultural Competencies: Working with the Culturally Diverse

Chapter 8: Working with Diversity in Racial, Ethnic, and Nationality Contexts

Understanding the cultural contexts of racially and ethnically diverse

Effect of racism, discrimination, and microaggression

Implication of cultural values difference

Cultural identity development of the racially and ethnically diverse

Assessment, Prevention and Intervention

Chapter 9: Working with Diversity in Gender and Sexual Orientation Contexts

Understanding Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

Working Ethically and Effectively with Sexual Minorities

Chapter 10: Working with Diversity in Social Class Contexts

Social Class and Classism

Understanding the Social Context of the Poor

Social Class Identity, Values and Worldviews

Assessment, Prevention and Intervention

Chapter 11: Working With Diversity in Physical Ability

Including Disability Diversity: Developing Multicultural Competence

Chapter 12: Working with Diversity in Religion and Spirituality

Religion and Spirituality Defined

My Client is Religious or Spiritually Oriented, Shouldn’t I Refer My Client to the Clergy?

What Do We Know about the Religious/Spiritual Orientation of Counseling Professionals?

Religion and Spirituality in Counseling

Religion, Spirituality and Ethical Considerations

Assessing Religion and Spirituality: The Clinical Interview

When does Religion and Spirituality become Harmful or Pathological?

SECTION 5: Social Justice and Multicultural Counseling

Chapter 13: Role of Social justice in Counseling

Social Inequality

Victimizing effects of social inequality

Social Justice

Promoting a Socially-Responsive Approach of Counseling

Chapter 14: Developing Social Justice Counseling and Advocacy skills

Social justice competence development

Taking professional Responsibility of integrating social justice into service

Taking social responsibility – community advocacy for social justice

Good Ethical Practice in a Multicultural World

SECTION 6: Applying Multicultural Competencies: Case Examples

Chapter 15: Helping Jermaine feel “normal”

Chapter 16: Assisting Darryl and Samar to “fight fairly”