Student Study Site for Theories of Counseling and Psychotherapy
An Integrative Approach
Elsie Jones-Smith
Jones-Smith - Theories of Counseling and Psychotherapy:An Integrative Approach

Introduction to the Student Study Site

This open-access site has been created for students and instructors Theories of Counseling and Psychotherapy: An Integrative Approach by Elsie Jones-Smith. This study site is a valuable resource for both students and instructors to be used in conjunction with the textbook to enhance understanding of key concepts, facilitate class discussion, as well as provide materials for course projects and research.

The following materials are available on this site:

Chapter Resources

Web Quizzes:
Web quizzes provide multiple choice and true/false questions to enhance students’ understanding of the material. Answers are provided for each question after the quiz has been completed

E-Flashcards are a tool for students to enhance their understanding of key terms outlined in the chapters. E-Flashcards may also be used as a study tool for exams and quizzes.

Therapist Disclosure Statement
A therapist disclosure statement for students to use in formulating their own professional disclosure statements

SAGE Journal Articles

Full-text articles from a variety of disciplines support and expand upon the concepts presented in each chapter. Discussion questions can also be provided to focus and guide student interpretation.

Acknowledgments and Thanks

Thanks to Elsie Jones-Smith for writing an excellent textbook. Also a special thanks to Stacie Craft DeFreitas, University of Houston-Downtown and Jennifer L. Crissman Ishler, The Pennsylvania State University for providing these excellent instructor and student resources to accompany this textbook.