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A Global Perspective
Eric Shiraev

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Chapter 1. Understanding Psychology’s History

Chapter 2. Early Psychological Knowledge

Chapter 3. Psychology During Mid-Millennium Transitions: 15th to the End of the 18th Century

Chapter 4. Psychology in the Laboratory

Chapter 5. Psychology and the Mass Society at the Beginning of the 20th Century

Chapter 6. Clinical Research and Psychology at the End of the 19th and Beginning of the 20th Century

Chapter 7. The Birth and Development of the Behaviorist Tradition

Chapter 8. The Birth and Development of Psychoanalysis

Chapter 9. The Paths of Gestalt Psychology

Chapter 10. Theoretical and Applied Psychology After the GreatWar

Chapter 11. Behaviorism and Psychoanalysis in the Mid-20th Century: Theoretical and Applied Paths

Chapter 12. Humanistic and Cognitive Psychology

Chapter 13. Focusing on Contemporary Issues