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Introduction to the Student Study Site

Web-Based Student Study Site

This Web-based student study site is intended to enhance students' understanding of Approaches to Behavior and Classroom Management: Integrating Discipline and Care by W. George Scarlett, Iris Chin Ponte, and Jay P. Singh. Please note that all the materials on this site are especially geared toward maximizing the potential for students to learn and enhance class discussion.

The Web-Based student study site contains E-flashcards, practice quizzes for students, recommended Web sites and more.

Chapter Specific Resources

The web quiz for students provides multiple choice and true/false questions to enhance students' understanding of the material. Answers are provided for each question.

The E-Flashcards are a tool for students to enhance their understanding of key terms outlined in the chapters. E-Flashcards may also be used as a study tool for exams and quizzes.

Web Resources
These web links have been chosen to serve as additional resources for students who would like to learn more about important topics in the text.

General Resources

Recommended Readings
This extended reading list provides additional resources that can be utilized when searching for more coverage of chapter concepts.

Learning from SAGE Journal Articles
Full text research articles are presented by chapter so students can identify the key topics covered. Moreover, the articles are accompanied by questions to help students evaluate each piece, as well as links to the journals in which the articles were originally published.

Contact the Publisher
Should any issues arise with the Web-based student study site, please feel free to let us know using the contact information provided.

Used together, these resources should create a comprehensive study package for students to supplement their learning of Approaches to Behavior and Classroom Management: Integrating Discipline and Care.

Acknowledgments and Thanks

A number of people need to be acknowledged and thanked for their hard work in developing the material on this student study site, as well as the study site itself.

A big thank you goes to George Scarlett, whose dedication to his work has produced a book and study site that are comprehensive and user-friendly. He has been a pleasure to work with. More thank yous go to Matthew Pinder, of Kentucky Christian University, who created the Web quizzes, as well as Laura Beals, who has put together the Web resources and chosen the articles that you see in Learning from Journal Articles.

Finally, our heartfelt thanks go to Melissa Ranalli, Rebecca Sanchez, and Dustin DiTommaso and the rest of the staff at VPG Multimedia for their help in producing this website.