Student Study Site for Self-Study Teacher Research
Improving Your Practice Through Collaborative Inquiry
Anastasia Samaras

Self-Study Resource Center

"Information is a ubiquitous commodity today as we are deluged with a plethora of sources and data. It is the reflective researcher with finely honed judgment, analytical skills and tenacity who can bring the relevant and authoritative research to bear on the task at hand." -Pat Mitchell, Law Librarian, DLA Piper LLP

Your work as a self-study teacher researcher has begun. This Self-Study Resource Center is for you to use while you complete your project but also as you continue to contemplate where you want to go from here. Where do you want to get to? What other self-study projects do you have in mind? Are you thinking about a collective self-study with school colleagues?

I hope you find this beginning resource center and library useful. Some of the resources are directly related to self-study and others are indirect resources that address the larger frame of practitioner inquiry and teacher research.

The Self-Study Resource Center is organized according to types of resources but please keep in mind that it is not inclusive of all the resources of self-study, and especially because of its burgeoning growth and continuous development. Perhaps, you will decide to add your work to the knowledge base of self-study research.

Below are resources for your self-study research:

Resource A: Subject-Based Self-Study

Resource B: Self-Study Books

Resource C: The Castle Conferences

Resource D: Related Web Sites

Resource E: The Cultural Inquiry Process

Resource F: Formatting

Resource G: Writing and Publishing Resources

Resource H: Presentation and Publication Outlets

Resource I: Qualitative Research Resources