Student Study Site for Technology Leadership for School Improvement
Edited by Rosemary Papa

Introduction to the Student Study Site

The Student Study Site has been created for students and instructors using Technology Leadership for School Improvement edited by Rosemary Papa. This site should be a valuable resource that both students and instructors can use in tandem with their textbook to enhance understanding of key concepts and facilitate class discussions.

Chapter Resources

The e-flashcards are a useful tool for students to enhance their understanding of key terms outlined in the chapters.

PowerPoint Slides
This section of the site includes a PowerPoint presentation for each chapter.  Each presentation guides users through each chapter, highlighting key concepts and terms.

Case Studies
Here you will find case studies from the book in easily printable documents. The case studies provide the reader with applied situations to analyze. Each case study provides specific discussion questions and activities to guide complete understanding of the information presented. There are 2 additional case studies featured on the website that are not in the book.

Web Resources

The links that appear at the end of each chapter in the book are located here for easy access.  These are links to websites that address topics relevant to the material in each chapter.

Acknowledgments and Thanks

Thanks to Rosemary Papa, whose dedication and perseverance has made the book and ancillary materials into detailed, thorough, and learning-friendly products.