Introduction to Leadership, Second Edition

Author: Peter G. Northouse

Pub Date: June 2011

Pages: 232

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About the Book

Offering a straightforward introduction to the basic principles of leadership, Peter G. Northouse’s Introduction to Leadership: Concepts and Practice 2e focuses on providing readers with practical strategies for becoming better leaders. An applied text by the author of the SAGE best-seller Leadership: Theory and Practice, Fifth Edition, this text provides the much needed “how-to” component of leading for students in leadership courses.

Three interactive components in every chapter—self-assessment questionnaires, observational exercises, and reflection and action worksheets—get readers actively involved in applying leadership concepts to their own lives. Grounded in leadership theory, yet accessible and reader-friendly, this book covers a fundamental aspect of leadership in each chapter and illustrates its application in real leadership situations. A final chapter discusses the key topic of ethics in leadership.

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