February 2006 Librarian Newsletter


SAGE Congratulates Its ALA Midwinter Meeting Raffle Winner

We hope you enjoyed the 2006 American Library Association Midwinter meeting in San Antonio, Texas, and we thank you for visiting us at the SAGE booth. We will be contacting you in the coming days in response to your inquiries and requests.

We also thank all who entered our raffle to win five online journal subscriptions and an encyclopedia or handbook for your institution. We are pleased to announce the winning institution is Texas Woman's University—Congratulations to John Hepner, Reference Librarian, for winning on behalf of his institution.

Once again, we were pleased with your interest in our electronic products and we hope you benefited from the online demonstrations of the SAGE Full-Text Collections and SAGE Journals Online.

To register for a free trial or to subscribe to the SAGE Full-Text Collections, contact CSA at sagecollections@csa.com.

To purchase single title institutional journal subscriptions directly through SAGE, please contact:
In the Americas, Caribbean, and Asia Pacific: journals@sagepub.com
In the United Kingdom, Europe, Middle-East, Africa and Australasia: subscriptions@sagepub.co.uk

SAGE Announces New Offering to NESli2 Institutions for 2006

SAGE is pleased to announce a new offer for NESli2 institutions in 2006. The offer, which is open to all UK research institutes and institutes of further education, has been developed in direct response to the dialogue that SAGE continues to have with librarians and faculty at UK academic institutions. The new offering from SAGE is called SAGE Premier, and provides a single, easy route for institutions to 389 full-text titles, all via the SAGE Journals Online platform hosted by HighWire. Currently, 11 UK institutions have already opted to purchase SAGE Premier via NESLi2 for 2006. The new NESli2 offer for SAGE Premier will initially run from January to December 2006, with a view to expanding it to longer term, multi-year deals.

View the full list of the titles available via SAGE Premier or read the complete press release.


New and Forthcoming Journals from SAGE

We are pleased to announce that the following journals will be published by SAGE in 2006 and 2007. All of these journals will be available on SAGE Journals Online (https://online.sagepub.com) upon publication of their first SAGE issue.

New in 2006

Journal Title




First SAGE Issue

Accounting History

The Accounting and Finance Association of Australia and New Zealand



Vol 11(1), Feb 2006





Vol 1(1), Jul 2006





Vol 12(1), Mar 2006

Education, Citizenship and Social Justice




Vol 1(1), Mar 2006

Environment and Urbanization

International Institute for Environment and Development



Vol 18(1), Apr 2006

Feminist Criminology

Division on Women and Crime of the American Society of Criminology



Vol 1(1), Jan 2006

Games and Culture




Vol 1(1), Jan 2006

Health Education Journal




Vol 65(1), Mar 2006

International Journal of Behavioral Development

International Society for the Study of Behavioural Development



Vol 30(1), Jan 2006

Journal of Creative Communications




Vol 1(1), Mar 2006

Journal of Industrial Relations

Industrial Relations Society of Australia



Vol 48(1), Feb 2006

Journal of Psychoeducational Assessment




Vol 24(1), Mar 2006

Journal of the Royal Society for the Promotion of Health

Royal Society for the Promotion of Health



Vol 126(1), Jan 2006

Journal of South Asian Development




Vol 1(1), Apr 2006

Management and Organizational History




Vol 1(1), Feb 2006

NASSP Bulletin

National Association of Secondary School Principals



Vol 90(1), Mar 2006

Youth Justice

National Association for Youth Justice



Vol 6(1), Apr 2006

Coming in 2007

Journal Title



First SAGE Issue

American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine



Vol 1(1), Jan/Feb 2007

American Journal of Men's Health



Vol 1(1), Jan 2007

Cultural Sociology

International Sociological Association


Vol 1(1), Mar 2007

Journal of Mixed Methods Research



Vol 1(1), Jan 2007

Personality & Social Psychology Review

Society for Personality and Social Psychology



Public Policy and Administration






Independent Study of Orthopaedic Journals Ranks The American Journal of Sports Medicine as Highest Quality

In an article recently published in the American edition of The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery (Volume 87, December 2005), The American Journal of Sports Medicine (AJSM) was recognized for publishing the most articles based on studies with higher “level-of-evidence” ratings.

According to Obremskey, Pappas, Attallah-Wasif, Tornetta, and Bhandari's article "Level of Evidence in Orthopaedic Journals" in The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery, "studies with higher level-of-evidence ratings (Level I or II) are generally more reproducible for general application to patient care than are those with lower ratings" (2005, p. 2632). Randomized controlled trials are categorized as Level I or II.

The authors studied nine major orthopaedic surgery journals and found that AJSM “had the highest percentage (31.4%) of Level-I or II articles” and the highest impact factor. They also found that the “percentage of articles that were rated Level I or II increased in accordance with the 2003 journal impact factors for the individual journals [studied]” (p. 2634).

They added that “the frequency with which a particular journal publishes studies with high level evidence correlates with the size of that journal's readership and the overall perception of its quality” (p. 2637).

The authors evaluated articles published between January and June 2003. AJSM 's impact factor in 2003 was 2.063. In 2004, it rose to 2.402.

For more information on The American Journal of Sports Medicine, visit www.ajsm.org.

New to SAGE Journals Online (as of December 2005)

The following journals are now available electronically on SAGE Journals Online. Please click on the journal titles to be directed to each journal's new website.

Feminist Criminology

(ISSN: 1557-0851)

(eISSN: 1557-086X)

Games and Culture

(ISSN: 1555-4120)

(eISSN: 1555-4139)

Journal of Industrial Relations

(ISSN: 0019-8692)

(eISSN: 1472-9296)

Management and Organizational History

(ISSN: 1744-9359)

(eISSN: 1744-9367)

Free Access Available for New Journals (no registration required)

To help familiarize you, your faculty, and your students with our new journal titles, we offer free online access for a limited time to all our new journals launched on SAGE Journals Online—no registration is required! The following journals currently have free access:

International Journal of Behavioral Development (free access ends March 31, 2006)
Journal of Industrial Relations (free access ends March 8, 2006)
Management and Organizational History (free access ends March 8, 2006)

Throughout the year, SAGE also offers various free online trials which are open to both individuals and libraries. View the complete list of free trials (registration required).

RSS Available on SAGE Journals Online

SAGE is pleased to announce that RSS feeds of tables of contents are now available for the journals listed below. RSS feeds will be available for other SAGE journals over the coming months.

The ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social Science
Health Education and Behavior
Health Promotion Practice
Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin

What is RSS?
RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication (also known as Rich Site Summary) and is an XML specification that allows content providers (such as SAGE) to provide a portion or all of their content via text files that can be easily re-formatted by others. RSS facilitates the ability for services to pull content from a variety of different content providers and provide that content to users via email (source: squeet.com). RSS feeds send headlines with links and brief descriptions directly to users' desktops as soon as the desired content is available.

What does this mean for you?
As a librarian, RSS feeds allow you to easily pull the fed metadata through to your web portals and to share valuable content and news with your faculty and students.

Top 20 Downloaded Journals in 2005

Below are the top 20 most-downloaded journals on SAGE Journals Online (based on full-text article downloads) from January to December 2005.


The American Journal of Sports Medicine


The Journal of Clinical Pharmacology


Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin


Journal of Interpersonal Violence


Nursing Science Quarterly


Qualitative Health Research


Communication Research


Media, Culture & Society


American Behavioral Scientist


Journal of Travel Research


Human Relations




Journal of Family Issues


Theory, Culture & Society


The Diabetes Educator


Educational and Psychological Measurement


Violence Against Women


Journal of Social and Personal Relationships


Journal of Sport and Social Issues


Gender & Society

CoverFREE Article Download from IFLA Journal

As a valued patron, we are pleased to offer you the following article free of charge.

Managing the Electronic Collection with Cost per Use Data
Brinley Franklin, University of Connecticut Libraries

This paper reviews some of the early efforts to develop cost per use data for electronic collections and discusses some of the ways libraries, consortia, and publishers currently use unit cost information to make management decisions. Emerging trends in the standardization of electronic usage statistics and concurrent utilization of cost per use data to manage electronic collections hold tremendous potential for libraries and library consortia to increasingly employ reliable cost and use data to support collection development and management decisions.

The author, Brinley Franklin, is Vice Provost for Libraries at the University of Connecticut, USA. He is involved nationally and internationally in the assessment of academic library performance. Brinley has chaired the Association of Research Libraries' Statistics and Measurement Committee since 2003 and also serves on the IFLA Standing Committee on Statistics and Evaluation, the National Center for Education Statistics – Academic Libraries Statistics Advisory Committee, and the Association of College and Research Libraries Statistics Committee.

IFLA Journal is published in association with the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions.

   View the new SAGE Full-Text Collections Brochure

Library Consortia

If you are interested in SAGE's new offerings for library consortia, view our new brochure.


Forthcoming Titles from SAGE Reference

Encyclopedia of World Poverty
Edited by: Mehmet Odekon, Skidmore College   
May 2006, ISBN: 1-4129-1807-3, $395.00  

Encyclopedia of Career Development
Edited by: Jeffrey H. Greenhaus, Drexel University
Gerard A. Callanan, West Chester University
May 2006, ISBN: 1-4129-0537-0, $325.00  

Encyclopedia of Immigration and Migration in the American West
Edited by: Gordon Morris Bakken, California State University, Fullerton
Alexandra Kindell,  Iowa State University
March 2006, ISBN: 1-4129-0550-8, $295.00 

Encyclopedia of Educational Leadership and Administration
Edited by: Fenwick W. English, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
February 2006, ISBN: 0-7619-3087-6, $325.00

Encyclopedia of Multicultural Psychology
Edited by: Yolanda Kaye Jackson, University of Kansas    
August 2006, ISBN: 1-4129-0948-1, $175.00  

Encyclopedia of Industrial and Organizational Psychology
Edited by: Steven G. Rogelberg, University of North Carolina at Charlotte    
July 2006, ISBN: 1-4129-2470-7, $375.00  

Encyclopedia of Human Geography
Edited by: Barney Warf, Florida State University   
May 2006, ISBN: 0-7619-8858-0, $150.00  

Forthcoming Handbooks from SAGE

Handbook of Gender and Women's Studies
Edited by: Kathy Davis, University of Utrecht
Mary Evans, University of Kent at Canterbury
Judith Lorber, City University of New York

The Handbook of Gender and Women's Studies presents a comprehensive and engaging review of the most recent developments within the field, including the study of masculinity, the feminist implications of postmodernism, the “cultural turn” and globalization.

April 2006, 512 pages
ISBN: 0-7619-4390-0, $125.00

The SAGE Handbook of Fieldwork
Edited by: Dick Hobbs, London School of Economics
Richard Wright, University of Missouri-St. Louis

The SAGE Handbook of Fieldwork presents the first major overview of this method in all its variety, introducing the reader to the strengths, weaknesses, and 'real world' applications of fieldwork techniques.

January 2006, 416 pages
ISBN: 0-7619-7445-8, $130.00


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