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Welcome to the first issue of SAGE Library News for 2011. Read below to learn more about recent awards given to SAGE and CQ Press products, new journals transferring to SAGE for 2011, free access to launch journals, and exciting new products coming soon!

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SAGE Research Methods Online - Now live!

The essential tool for researchers from the world’s leading research methods publisher

We are thrilled to announce the launch of SAGE Research Methods Online (SRMO), the essential tool for researchers! SRMO links over 100,000 pages of SAGE’s renowned book, journal and reference content with truly advanced search and discovery tools. Researchers can explore along the depth and breadth of methods concepts to help them design research projects, understand the ins and outs of a particular method or identify a new method, write up their research, and everything in between. Since SRMO focuses on methodology rather than disciplines, it can be used by researchers from the social sciences, health sciences and more.

SAGE Research Methods Online officially launched at ALA Midwinter 2011. A cocktail party was held in celebration and Stephen Barr, President of SAGE International, introduced the product and thanked all of the wonderful librarians and researchers who have helped us during its development. The beta period was a resounding success, with over 550 institutions and 23,000 individuals registering for access. Beta feedback was used to enhance the product for its launch on January 4th. We are all so happy to be working on SRMO and are looking forward to an exciting first year!

Please visit us at to find out more about the essential tool for researchers or contact for questions or pricing inquiries.

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SAGE Journals Online platform receives a CHOICE award!

SAGE, last year, completed the migration to the next generation of the SAGE Journals Online (SJO) platform, supported by HighWire Press’s “2.0” technology (H20). This includes the new and improved portal and journal-level features and design. With the new platform, social bookmarking tools—such as delicious and Twitter—assist in sharing journal content. Additionally, multiple ways of navigating the site have been incorporated. Users may browse by title or by discipline and can fully search both an entire journal or a single article. Furthermore, each article can be tagged so that you can be notified if a particular article is cited at a later date (My CiteTrack Alert).

CHOICE, in their December 2010 issue, reviewed the revamped SJO and included it among the other 2010 Outstanding Academic Titles list.

"The advanced search option features a host of new functions... Seasoned researchers will find this highly refined and granular search a welcome addition.... The retooling of SAGE's electronic platform clearly indicates that [SAGE] wants to serve as a leader in an increasingly competitive market. Summing Up: Recommended."

— J. Millhorn, Northern Illinois University, CHOICE

Visit SAGE Journals Online now.

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Journals Now Published by SAGE

New journals, provided below, will now be published by SAGE, starting in 2011. Many of these titles are included in the SAGE Premier 2011 package. If your library will not have access to the SAGE Premier 2011 package, you can continue to maintain your access to these important journals by either upgrading now or renewing your subscription to these journals via your subscription agent or directly with SAGE at 800-818-7243 (US) or +44 (0)207 324 801 (UK).

2011 New Journals List

Title Change: Effective immediately, Complementary Heath Practice Review is now titled Journal of Evidenced-Based Complimentary & Alternative Medicine (JEBCAM) and Multiple Sclerosis is now titled Multiple Sclerosis Journal. Please look for these changes in the next available issues, coming soon.

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SocialScienceSpace launched!

SAGE recently launch a new online network that aims to champion the value and relevance of the social sciences. Socialsciencespace ( brings together researchers, funders, societies, think tanks, policy makers, and government to explore, share and debate the major issues in social science.

Launched in association with major learned societies and professional bodies from around the world, socialsciencespace acts as a hub for all groups connected with social science research. Initial contributions feature leading figures from academia and beyond, including the Academy for Social Sciences, Institute for Education, the Metropolitan Police, the National Institute of Health, and the Institute for Government. The network features blog posts on key issues such as funding and “impact”; a forum to share discussion; a resource center with free videos, reports and slides; and events listings for social science conferences and seminars across the world. All content is freely accessible and the site is free to join. Read more about the launch.

Visit to join the debate.

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IMechE Journals now available through the SAGE Engineering and Materials Science Collections

iMechEThe SAGE Engineering and Materials Science Collection offers access to 50 leading international Journals, including the celebrated Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. Together these titles form a core part of any engineering collection. For more information please click here.

Frontfile and backfile options are available for lease or purchase. Contact us today to discuss setting up free trial access and purchasing options for your institution.

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SAGE gives to the University of Sussex

SAGE Contributes to Sussex

SAGE recently contributed funds towards the launch of the University of Sussex library’s new space for postgraduate researchers: the “Sussex Research Hive”. The gift, which will be matched by a government grant, is being used to support a new Research Support Program developed by the Library, part of which involves the "hive" in the Library for researchers and academics to meet and discuss their work.

Jane Harvell, Head of the Library’s Academic Services, said, “We are delighted that SAGE, as one of the world’s most respected publishers, has made this gift to our Research Support Program. As a publisher whose portfolio complements Sussex’s research and teaching so closely, we believe there are many mutual benefits offered by an association which will strengthen our relationship.”

The donation provides the library with three research hive scholars, tasked with bringing researchers back into the library. They will be, amongst other things, providing on-site support to library users and hosting a series of events within the hive for researchers. SAGE’s contribution will also be used towards funding a Doctoral Education conference in the summer and a series of events during Open Access week in the Autumn.

Read more information about the Research Hive and the Research Support Program.




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SAGE Reference

Outstanding Awards: SAGE Reference claims 5 RUSA Awards and a BRASS award!

SAGE conquered the Outstanding Reference Sources list for 2011 after being awarded 5 of the 13 total wins for this category. This list of titles identifies the most important reference publications for small and medium-sized public and academic libraries published in a given year. 21st Century Economics A Reference Handbook, edited by Rhona C. Free, was not only awarded an Outstanding Reference Source award, but also an Outstanding Titles Award in the Business Reference and Services Section.

Check out this must-have material:

Encyclopedia of Identity
Encyclopedia of Identity
Encyclopedia of Identity
Encyclopedia of Geography
Encyclopedia of Identity
21st Century Economics
A Reference Handbook
Encyclopedia of Identity
Encyclopedia of Political Theory
Encyclopedia of Identity
Encyclopedia of Group Processes &
Intergroup Relations

Your library can’t afford not to have these authoritative reference works in your library! To purchase contact SAGE customer service at 1-800-818-7243 (US) or +44 (0)207 324 801 (UK). For package options and discounts, contact your SAGE Regional Sales Manager.

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Toward a Sustainable Future: Six New Green Series Titles Coming This Spring!

Series Editor: Paul Robbins, University of Arizona

“This should be a useful set of publications on a timely topic…”—CHOICE

SAGE Reference is proud to introduce the latest 6 titles in the Green Society Series, edited by our award-winning editor of the five volume Encyclopedia of Environment & Society. And, for the first time, all 12 titles will be available both in print and online. This series explores
all aspects of environmentalism from energy, business, and food to technology, education, culture, and much more. Each title contains roughly 150 entries, vivid photos, and helpful pedagogical tools, making them ideal for the classroom as well as for the researcher.

Get all 12 Green Series titles for the price of 10, in print or online format! Try before you buy with a free 30-day online trial to the full Green Series!

Green EnergyPoliticsGreen FoodGreen CitiesGreen BusinessGreen Consumerism

Coming Soon...

Green EducationGreen Ethics and PhilosophyGreen HealthGreen TechnologyGreen CultureGreen Issues and Debates

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SAGE Reference Online 2005-2008 Handbook Upgrade Collection

This new online handbook collection contains 31 authoritative, must-have SAGE Reference handbook titles for just $4,750/ £3,075. Save 15% over list prices! Contact your SAGE Regional Sales Manager for more information on pricing and offer details.

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Must-have SAGE Reference Titles for Your Library’s Collection

Explore these new SAGE Reference titles with a free 30-day online trial at

Encyclopedia of Sports Medicine
Lyle J. Micheli, M.D., Children’s Hospital Boston, Harvard Medical School

Encyclopedia of Sports Medicine

Key Themes

Conditioning and Training
Diagnosis and Treatment of Sports Injuries
Diet and Nutrition
Doping and Performance Enhancement
Exercise Physiology, Biomechanics, Kinesiology
Injuries and Disorders
Injury Prevention
Medical Conditions Affecting Sports Participation


Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy
Special Populations
Specialties and Occupations in Sports Medicine
Sports and Society
Sports and Sports Medicine
Sports Psychology
Sports-Specific Injuries
Women and Sports

Print: 978-1-4129-6115-8 l $995
Electronic: 978-1-4129-6116-5 l $1,245
November 2010, 1880 pages

Trial the Encyclopedia of Sports Medicine and these other newly published reference works:

21st Century Political Science: A Reference Handbook
Encyclopedia of Social Movement Media

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Introducing a Revolutionary New Way to Research Political Relationships and Issues!

CQ First Street

"It is a bit like a Facebook for lobbyists, allowing someone to peer into people’s histories and professional connections."

—Jeremy W. Peters, The New York Times
Read the article.

The essential political research database is here! CQ Press has taken the content you depend on in your reference sections and created a new database designed to make researching political advocacy much easier. This revolutionary resource combines congressional and federal staffing histories with lobby disclosure information and campaign contributions. Learn more.

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The 2011 CQ Press Political Reference Suite is here!
CQ Press: Political Reference Suite

Building an online Reference Collection?

Learn how CQ Press can help you build your online reference collection. Check out our new major works online! Recent online titles include The Encyclopedia of Political Science, Encyclopedia of U.S. Political History, and Encyclopedia of Religion in America.

Learn what's new including our 2011 Frontlist Collection featuring 14 new titles, plus don't miss our online Backlist Collection featuring over 100 core reference titles. The Backlist Collection includes valuable reference archives from legacy CQ Press series such as Congress and the Nation, Historic Documents, and the Supreme Court Yearbook.

Want a FREE TRIAL? Click here!

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CQ Global Researcher Expands with Double the Content in 2011!
CQ Global Researcher

Available Exclusively Online!Get more for your money with double the content as CQ Global Researcher publishes two reports per month – 24 per year – in 2011! Not familiar with the CQ Global Researcher? Learn how you can enhance your collection with balanced, reliable coverage of today's most important issues. Recent issues include the following:

  • Future of the Catholic Church Europe's Immigration Turmoil
  • Press Freedom

Acclaim for CQ Global Researcher:

"This product will be used constantly by students and other researchers needing to get perspective on an increasingly complex and bewildering set of global issues. Resoundingly recommended for all social and cultural studies collections."—Library Journal

Get a FREE TRIAL! Click here. Refer to promotion code L11ALA01.

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Don't Miss our Award-Winning Reference from 2010 – In print AND ONLINE!

Encyclopedia of Political History

Encyclopedia of U.S. Political History

2010 Booklist Editors' Choice

An impressive work remarkable for its breadth and scope... Highly recommended for academic and public libraries.”—Library Journal (Starred Review)

“Highly recommended for any academic library supporting undergraduate or graduate programs in history, political science, or any other related field.”—American Reference Books Annual

Encyclopedia of Religion in America

Encyclopedia of Religion in America

2010 Booklist Editors' Choice

“A must-have resource for most American Libraries.”—Booklist

“Highly recommended for most academic libraries and public libraries where demand for in-depth religious studies exists.”—Library Journal

Resort to War: 1806-2007

Resort to War: 1816-2007

2010 CHOICE Outstanding Academic Title

"This remarkably comprehensive work assembles this widely scattered information in one volume...Summing up: Essential. Lower- and upper-level undergraduates, graduate students, and faculty/researchers."—CHOICE

“A remarkable achievement... Such a high level of detail combined with keen scholarly analysis make this a must-have for academic collections concerned with war in the modern world.” —Booklist


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