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Suggested Web Links

American Sociological Association

The official website of the professional association for sociologists includes membership and subscription information, a special section for students, and listings of brochures, newsletters, and press releases available to the general public.


This central clearinghouse, maintained by the Federal Interagency Council on Statistical Policy, provides links to the websites of more than 70 agencies in the United States federal government. The statistics and other information can be searched by metropolitan area, county, state, region, or country.

Findlaw Library

If you need to know what the law is regarding discrimination or product liability or some other topic of interest in sociology, this is a good place to look. The site, maintained by FindLaw Corporation, provides links to federal and other credible sources.

Movie Labs

This site offers study guides and worksheets to aid in the sociological analysis of such popular films as "The Wizard of Oz," "Dead Poets' Society," "Boyz'n the Hood," "Good Will Hunting," "Pleasantville," "An American President," "Sabrina," and "Zorro." The study guides list the main characters of each movie and explain how key sociological concepts, such as alienation and cultural diffusion, are exemplified. The worksheets are multiple-choice quizzes about the movie, but they offer little real challenge unless you can ignore the pre-marked answers. The Movie Labs are created at the Red Feather Institute for Advanced Studies in Sociology, which describes itself as leftist, progressive, Marxist, feminist, postmodern, and emancipatory.

Public Agenda

"The inside source for public opinion and policy analysis," created as a resource for journalists, offers facts (some in graphic form) for understanding various issues, as well as analyses of public opinion survey data and of public policy news and studies. One feature increasing this site's credibility is its "red flags" about potentially misleading poll results. Among the social issues addressed are abortion, America's global role, crime, education, the family, illegal drugs, immigration, race, and welfare.

Pulitzer Prize

For great examples of how sociological concepts affect everyday life, search the archives of the Pulitzer Prize organization. It includes the full text of prize-winning articles on social phenomena for the past five years.


Statistics on crime, welfare, health care, and the environment can be called up by state or compared across states. This site was created for journalists but provides reliable data for sociological analysis.

U.S. Census Bureau Population and Household Economic Topics

For a wealth of demographic and socioeconomic information on the U.S. population, including access to Statistical Abstracts of the United States, check the links on this page. The Census Bureau's site also includes a page of links to data about the U.S. economy.