Each chapter's file includes one or more of the following types of resources:

  • Sociologists at Work: Descriptions of studies demonstrating how sociologists come to know what they know
  • Micro-Macro Connections: Articles about the link between private and public worlds
  • Images of the Social World: Graphics and photographs illustrating sociological concepts
  • Related Resources: Links to other websites, subscription information for discussion lists and publications, and recommended readings

Chapter 1 Taking a New Look at a Familiar World

Chapter 2

Seeing and Thinking Sociologically
Chapter 3 Building Reality: The Social Construction of Knowledge
Chapter 4 Building Order: Culture and History
Chapter 5

Building Identity: Socialization

Chapter 6 Building Image: The Presentation of Self
Chapter 7 Constructing Difference: Social Deviance
Chapter 8 Building Social Relationships: Intimacy and Families
Chapter 9 The Structure of Society: Organizations and Social Institutions
Chapter 10 The Architecture of Stratification: Social Class and Inequality
Chapter 10 The Architecture of Inequality: Race and Ethnicity
Chapter 12 The Architecture of Inequality: Sex and Gender
Chapter 13 The Global Dynamics of Populations: Demographic Trends
Chapter 14 Architects of Change: Reconstructing Society
Additional Resources


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