Authors: Marc H. Meyer and Frederick G. Crane

Pub Date: January 2013

Pages: 448

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About the Book

This book is structured around the idea that innovation is at the core of successful entrepreneurship, a necessary first step before writing a business plan or developing a financial model. The beginning of the book is devoted to helping students get the innovative concept down pat. Part I guides students through six elements that comprise a clearly focused venture:

  • Defining your target industry
  • Defining your target customers
  • Defining the needs and wants of your target customer
  • Defining your solutions for customers
  • Defining the business model
  • Defining the positioning for your solutions and your business model

After walking students through the venture concept process, the book then dives into the mechanics of implementing the venture concept. Part II focuses on:

  • Creating realistic financial projections
  • Creating a concise but powerful business plan
  • Organizing your venture team
  • Creating a compelling pitch

The book concludes with several compelling case studies from the real-world, illustrating the application of ideas presented in the text.

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