Case Studies

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  1. Globalization, Organizations and Employment:The Dynamics of Degradation?
  2. The Changing Nature of HRM, Organizational Change and Globalization
  3. National Industrial Relations Systems and The Impact of Globalization
  4. Pay and Remuneration in Multinationals
  5. Equality, Diversity and Fairness as a New Politicsin Multinational Corporations
  6. Training and Workplace Skills in a Context ofGlobalisation: New Directions and Discourses in Skills
  7. Lean Production and Globalisation: A ‘Revolutionary’ Management Agenda and The Re-Making of Labour Intensification?
  8. Economic and Social Context: Are There Varieties of Capitalism? What Difference Does It Make to Employment Relations?
  9. The Learning Environment and the Politics of Globalization:Consultants and Business Schools Between Standardization and Rhetoric
  10. Developing Contexts of Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations: Globalization and Employment Relations Strategies and Narratives
  11. Migration and Human Resource Management
  12. Regulating Work and Employment Internationally:The Emergence of Soft Regulation
  13. Globalization, Multinational Corporations andTrade Unions: Creating New Forms of International Trade Unionism and New Forms of Representation within Multinational Corporations
  14. Media, New Union Strategies and Non-Government Organizations as Global Players: The Struggle Over Representation and Work

Author: Miguel Martinez Lucio

Pub Date:December 2013

Pages: 320

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