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This section of the companion website contains resources which are available free of charge to students using  Research Methodology.

The following resources are available for students:

  • Interactive Multiple Choice Questions: These online multiple choice questions arranged by chapter can help students in self-assessment
  • Videos to help you get to grips with key methods and terms
  • Further Reading: including free access to selected SAGE Journal articles and book chapters
  • Flashcards: The textbook’s glossary as handy online flashcards to help you revise definitions of key terms
  • Printouts of useful material from the book such as 8 steps of the research process and end of chapter exercises.
  • Study Skills Sample chapters offer guidance on everything from succeeding at university, writing assignments and reports, and choosing a research topic.

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Author: Ranjit Kumar

Pub Date: January 2014

Pages: 432

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