Student Study Site for Agency-Based Program Evaluation
Lessons From Practice
Stephen A. Kapp and Gary R. Anderson

Introduction to the Student Study Site

The Student Study Site has been created for students and instructors using Agency-Based Program Evaluation: Lessons From Practice by Stephen A. Kapp and Gary R. Anderson. This study site should be a valuable resource that both students and instructors can use in tandem with their textbook to enhance understanding of key concepts and facilitate class discussions.

Learning from SAGE Journal Articles

Full text SAGE research articles are presented by chapter so students can identify the key topics covered.

Web Resources

For each chapter you will find links to web resources for supplemental coverage, and that offer opportunities for extended exploration.

Acknowledgments and Thanks

Thanks to Stephen A. Kapp and Gary R. Anderson for writing an excellent textbook.

Thanks also to Mary L. Ohmer of Georgia State University for selecting the journal articles for this Study Site. Mary’s dedication and perseverance has made these ancillary materials into detailed, thorough, and learning-friendly products.