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Student and Instructor Site for Theories of Counseling and Psychotherapy, 7th Edition
A Multicultural Perspective
Allen E. Ivey, Michael J. D’Andrea, and Mary Bradford Ivey
Ivey, D'Andrea, and Ivey - Theories of Counseling and Psychotherapy, 7th Edition

Welcome to the Instructor and Student Site

About the Book

Theories of Counseling and Psychotherapy, 7e provides future mental health practitioners with a solid foundation in the theoretical concepts of the major theories of counseling and psychotherapy, enabling them to take these theories directly into clinical practice and to assist them in examining present-day counseling and therapy from a practical culture-centered perspective while simultaneously respecting traditional individual approaches to the field. The book is unique among other texts in that it fully integrates neuroscience and a multicultural approach, which is demonstrated throughout every chapter and reflects the need for mental health practitioners to have a heightened level of cultural competence and understanding of neuroscience in the future.

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This site is designed to help create a significant learning opportunity for your students by encouraging active participation, experience and reflection.

Student Study Site

This Web-based student study site is intended to enhance students’ understanding of Theories of Counseling and Psychotherapy: A Multicultural Perspective, 7th Edition by Allen E. Ivey, Michael J. D’Andrea, and Mary Bradford Ivey. Please note that all the materials on this site are especially geared toward maximizing the potential for students to learn and enhance class discussion.

Acknowledgments and Thanks

Thanks to Allen E. Ivey, Michael J. D’Andrea, and Mary Bradford Ivey for writing an excellent textbook. Also to Jeffrey A. Hayes, Pennsylvania State University and Maxine L. Rawlins, Bridgewater State University for providing these excellent instructor materials to accompany their book.