Authors: Rick A. Houser & Stephen Thoma

Pub Date: April 2012

Pages: 400

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About the Book

Ethics in Counseling and Therapy develops students’ ethical competence through an understanding of theory. Houser and Thoma helps the counselor form his or her own ethical identity and reflect on his or her own values and issues by presenting a theoretical framework that draws on theories from disciplines such as philosophy, sociology, and moral psychology. This text uniquely presents the ethical theories upon which decision making is based, with the goal of helping the counselor or future counselor develop a full understanding of how ethical identity may be fostered. This in turn gives them the confidence that they will be able to make the best judgment and decision in an ethical situation that they may encounter in their professional lives. Ethics in Counseling and Therapy helps future counselors to see professional ethical identity development as an ongoing process that can be continuously improved.

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