A Welcome from the Author

Hello and welcome to the companion website for the third edition of Doing Research in the Real World!

First of all let me thank you for using the book and for accessing the online resources. I hope you find both the site and book a useful support to your studies.

I have been encouraged by so many of the unsolicited positive comments about the book that I decided to broaden its scope and to make it even more accessible to a wider audience.

The new edition offers additional material on:

  • Sampling Strategies
  • Ethnography and Participant Observation
  • Focus Groups
  • Secondary Analysis
  • Using SPSS

Online support:

The new edition is supported by:

  • Chapter Introduction Videos: In these videos I introduce what will be covered in each chapter
  • Top Tip Videos: Select top tips, chosen by students, discuss the top tips introduced in each chapter in more detail
  • YouTube Videos have been specially selected as they aid more depth on concepts explored in the chapter
  • Further Reading from a variety of sources.

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For lecturers, this website offers:

The Lecturer Resources site is password protected requires sign in 

This section of the companion website contains resources which are available free of charge to lecturers who adopt the third edition of Doing Research in the Real World.

For students, this website offers:

Video content including chapter introductions and top tips from the author, along with tried and tested open access videos on YouTube.

Further Reading links you to a range of resources including Encyclopaedia entries, book chapters, journal articles, real world examples, to help you deep your understanding of key concepts.

Data sets allow you to play around with real data in SPSS giving you an opportunity to put your statistics knowledge into practice.


 Weblinks to useful websites.


main_clip_image010Checklists support select chapters to help guide you through specific research process such as focus groups and interviewing.


If you’re using this website alongside your textbook, you’ll find all the resources indicated in the page margins here online.



Author: David E Gray

Pub Date: November 2013

Pages: 752

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