Study Site for The Group in Society
John Gastil

Introduction to the Web-Based Study Site

This Web-based student study site is intended to enhance students' understanding of The Group in Society by John Gastil. Please note that all the materials on this site are especially geared toward maximizing the potential for students to learn and enhance class discussion.

The Web-Based student study site contains flashcards, quizzes, SAGE journal articles, and more.

Chapter Specific Resources


Can be used to check students’ understanding of the material or can be sent in to the professor for a grade


Allow easy reviewing of key terms and concepts.

Additional Discussion Questions

Learning from SAGE Journal Articles

Full text research articles are presented by chapter so students can identify the key topics covered. Moreover, the articles are accompanied by questions to help students evaluate each piece, as well as links to the journals in which the articles were originally published.

General Resources

Lists of suggested films, television shows, and readings

Helps further identify small groups and related topics.

Acknowledgments and Thanks

We would like to thank John Gastil, who wrote an excellent textbook and created these ancillary materials. Thanks also to Laura Black (Ohio University) and Joe Mazer (Ohio University), who assisted John in creating these materials. The hard work and dedication of John, Laura, and Joe has produced a study site that is comprehensive and user-friendly.