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Steve Duck and David T. McMahan

Introduction to the Student Study Site

This web site is intended to enhance your use of Communication in Everyday Life by Steve Duck and David T. McMahan – please take advantage of these resources! 

The following materials are available on this site:

Chapter-Specific Resources

Flashcards - Review key concepts and terms to help you prepare for class discussions and tests.

Self Quizzes - Use chapter quizzes to gauge your learning progress.

Online Audio and Visual Resources - Interesting examples of important communications concepts

Internet Resources – Engaging websites demonstrate central ideas in each chapter.

Internet Activities – Creative online inquiries and exercises will get you thinking!

Online Chapters
There are 2 additional online chapters provided here for flexible instruction and learning enrichment.

Histories of Communication chapter: This chapter examines the history of the discipline of communication, which can be argued to go back to Plato, Aristotle, and Cicero, who taught about rhetoric and relationships more than 2,000 years ago. The various subdisciplines are addressed, and the authors explore the development of this dynamic discipline over time, while discovering – not surprisingly – that relationships have always been evident in the study of communication.

Interviewing chapter: This chapter focuses on how to conduct and participate in interviews. It explores various types of interviews (and the employment interview in particular), characteristics of an interview, preparing for an interview, and the interview stages, as well as the roles and responsibilities of each participant in the process. Constructing effective résumés and cover letters is also covered. 

Learning from SAGE Journal Articles

SAGE journal articles open doors to research and scholarly activity related to chapter topics. Discussion questions will guide your understanding and interpretation of articles.

General Resources

A speech outline reference guide and samples of student work will help you prepare your assignments.

Acknowledgements and Thanks

Sincere thanks are due Dena Huisman, John Nicholson, Kristen Norwood, Bianca Wolf, and Brendan Young for developing these excellent materials. In addition, we are deeply indebted to Steve Duck and David T. McMahan for their outstanding textbook, and their significant contributions to this companion site.

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