CBMCS Multicultural Training Program
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Helping Mental Health Practitioners Deliver Culturally Competent Care.

Based on rigorous research methods, CBMCS is a powerful diversity-training tool to take mental health practitioners from cultural sensitivity to cultural competence.

How is CBMCS different from other multicultural training programs?

  • Includes the first empirically based assessment scale that is brief (21 items), accurate, and easy to administer.
  • Allows mental health administrators and trainers the freedom to customize training as needed. 
  • Bridges the gap between research and practice by including step-by-step training modules along with the CBMCS Multicultural Reader, which includes 29 scholarly articles.
  • Offers up to 32 continuing education credits.

3-Day Training Workshop - Click here for more information!

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* California Brief Multicultural Competency Scale

Additional Certified Trainers

Saginaw, MI

Myriam Aragon - Riverside County Mental Health Department, Riverside, CA, myaragon@rcmhd.org
Dalia Smith - Saginaw Max System of Care, Saginaw, Michigan, DSmith@sccmha.org
Wardene Talley - Saginaw Max System of Care, Saginaw, Michigan, wtalley@sccmha.org

Fort Worth, TX

Virginia Hoft - Santa Fe Youth Services, Fort Worth, Texas, vhoft@santafeyouth.org
Sharon Herrera - Fort Worth, Texas, sharon.herrera@fwisd.org
Estrella Griggs - Santa Fe Youth Services, Fort Worth, Texas, egriggs@santafeyouth.org
Jacinto J. Ramos - Fort Worth, Texas, JRamos@TarrantCounty.com

Wallingford, CT

Tamara L. Petro - The Multicultural Leadership Institute, Inc. (MLI), Wallingford, CT, TPetro@mli-inc.org
Ellen Boynton - Wallingford, CT, ellen.boynton@po.state.ct.us
Ida Terry - Wallingford, CT, itnt@aol.com
Kate Maldonado - Wallingford, CT, kate.maldonado@po.state.ct.us
Marc Chartier - Wallingford, CT, mchartier@marrakechinc.org

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