Authors:Virginia Braun and Victoria Clarke

Pub Date: March 2013

Pages: 400

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About the Book

Welcome to the companion website for Successful Qualitative Research: A Practical Guide for Beginners by Virginia Braun and Victoria Clarke.

Successful Qualitative Research: A Practical Guide for Beginners is an accessible, practical textbook. It sidesteps detailed theoretical discussion in favour of providing a comprehensive overview of strategic tips and skills for starting and completing successful qualitative research, from start to finish. The textbook focuses on the entire research process from theoretical foundations and design to writing up and communicating results.
Uniquely, the authors provide a 'patterns framework' to qualitative data analysis in this book. As a reader you will be walked through a basic thematic approach to searching for patterns, and encouraged to compare and contrast this with other pattern-based approaches. This discussion of the commonalities between different analytic methods in the context of looking at patterns in data, explaining why and when each method should be used, will provide you with complete confidence for your qualitative research journey.

Key features of this textbook:

  • Full of useful tips and strategies for successful qualitative work, for example considering the nervous student not just the beginner student.
  • Covers the lifetime of the research process from first beginnings to final output.
  • Skills-based, utilising a range of pedagogical features to encourage you to apply particular techniques and learn from your experience.
  • Equal weight given to both data collection and analysis.
  • The authors use the same dataset throughout - reproduced in full on this companion website - to help you make comparisons across different analytical approaches.

This textbook will be an essential textbook for undergraduates and postgraduates taking a course in qualitative research or using qualitative approaches in a research project.

On this companion website, you will find...

Student Resources

This section contains a wealth of resources for use including:

Interactive Multiple-Choice-Questions: Test your knowledge on the content of each chapter via a suite of interactive MCQs, organised by sections in the book.

A Flipcard Glossary: Similarly, test yourself on your knowledge of the key terms used throughout the book via a flipcard of the book’s glossary.

Qualitative Data: This section includes a variety of qualitative data which are available for use in teaching and learning about qualitative research.

Additional Material Related to the Book: This section contains answers to exercises in the text (see Student Resources tab for fuller details), extended versions of textboxes and tables used in the book, and a host of other materials.

Qualitative Presentations: This section includes examples of qualitative research posters and Microsoft PowerPoint® slides to accompany oral presentations which are available for use in teaching and learning about qualitative research.

Research Materials: This section includes examples of research materials which are available for use in teaching and learning about qualitative research.

SAGE Journal Articles: Click on the embedded hotlinks to access full-text PDFs of selected SAGE journal articles