To further enhance students' understanding of and interest in The Basics of Communication, SAGE has created a student website to accompany the text.

This website will include the following:

  • Flash cards that allow for easy reviewing of key terms and concepts;
  • Self-quizzes that can be used to check their understanding of the material or can be sent in to the professor for a grade;
  • Web resources and exercises that include links to online audio and video resources and that direct students to various sites on the Web and offers suggestions for using the sites;
  • SAGE Journal Articles and Discussion Questions – which provide SAGE journal articles that can read on their own or for course credit, along with questions that ask them to reflect on the reading
  • Speech Writing Outline and Reference Guide that students can refer to while drafting their own speeches; and
  • Link to the Facebook page for the book.


Check back in October 2008 for the completed site!