Author: Niels Blunch

Pub Date: November 2012

Pages: 312

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About the Book

The comprehensive second edition of Introduction to Structural Equation Modeling Using IBM SPSS Statistics and AMOS offers readers a complete guide to carrying out research projects involving structural equation modeling (SEM). Updated to include extensive analysis of AMOS’ graphical interface, a new chapter on latent curve models and detailed explanations of the structural equation modeling process, this second edition is the ideal guide for those new to the field.

The book includes:

  • Learning objectives, key concepts and questions for further discussion in each chapter
  • Helpful diagrams and screenshots to expand on concepts covered in the texts
  • Real life examples from a variety of disciplines to show how SEM is applied in real research contexts
  • Exercises for each chapter on an accompanying companion website
  • A new glossary at the end of book

Assuming no previous experience of the subject, and a minimum of mathematical knowledge, this is the ideal guide for those new to SEM and an invaluable companion for students taking introductory SEM courses in any discipline.

Student Resources

In this section you will find a wealth of additional exercises and online readings for students to use alongside each of the chapters in the book.  Data sets are also included with each exercise.