Authors:Patricia Bazeley and Kristi Jackson

Pub Date: April 2013

Pages: 328

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Welcome to the online resources pages for Qualitative Data Analysis with NVivo, 2nd edition. This companion website provides you with some additional resources to assist you as you learn about the tools provided by NVivo and apply them to your data.

Qualitative Data Analysis with NVivo is designed for researchers who have qualitative data and want to use NVivo to manage and analyse it. The chapters in the book walk you through the processes involved in undertaking a project with the assistance of NVivo, as you prepare, code, link, memo, sort, compare, and query your data. This second edition contains new chapters on handling a literature review, visualizing data, working in mixed-methods and social media datasets, and approaching NVivo as a team.

Essential instructions are provided in a context that explains their use, with multiple examples, tips, and warnings based on the extensive practical experience of the authors in undertaking analyses and in using and teaching the software. We blend the basics of qualitative methods with a computer manual in order to help you more elegantly engage in qualitative methods using NVivo. For a guide to more detailed and advanced issues in qualitative methods see: Pat Bazeley, Qualitative Data Analysis: Practical Strategies (SAGE, 2013).

    Please click on the links below to access Chapters 1 and 2.

    Sample Projects

    You can download the Environmental Change Down East project that comes with the NVivo software, in case you have accidentally deleted it or you need a ‘clean’ copy of it, from:

    Pat’s Researchers project provides an additional sample project for you to explore and learn from.

    Additional Guidelines

    These cover some more complex aspects of the software and include:

    A full list of file formats  that can be imported (as internal sources) into NVivo.

    Examples of hierarchical coding systems, and instructions for sorting out a ‘viral’ system.

    A map of all the options offered by the query tools . These provide additional ideas about what you can do with a query in your research, or you might use this guide if you encounter one of the advanced options while constructing a query and would like additional information about what it does.

    BONUS: Formatting with Word(TM) 2007-2010contains useful instructions about formatting with Word(TM).


    An annotated bibliography  of articles, chapters and books that include historical works, discussions on the relationship between software and methods, and guidance for best practice when working with various qualitative data analysis programs in general and NVivo in particular.

    Updated instructions

    These will be provided on this website as needed, i.e., when new versions of the software introduce new ways of working with your data.

    QSR International website and forums

    QSR International is the developer of NVivo. Their website, at provides an extensive range of resources that include information about or access to:
    the software – system requirements, pricing, etc.
    training programs, including free webinars, and a network of trainers
    macromedia and video tutorials for new users or new functions
    newsletters that include case studies of how people are using the software
    links to projects and articles in which NVivo has been used for analysis
    responses to frequently asked questions
    details of technical and other support services
    forums for users, where questions can be asked and answered
    links to software updates.

    We hope you enjoy your NVivo experience, and even more, that you find it helpful in analysing and learning from your qualitative or mixed methods data!

    Pat Bazeley                                                                         Kristi Jackson
    Bowral, NSW                                                                       Denver, CO