Student Study Site for Community-Based Corrections
A Text/Reader
Shannon M. Barton-Bellessa and Robert D. Hanser
Community-Based Corrections: A Text/Reader

Introduction to the Student Study Site

This student study site is intended to enhance students' understanding of Community-Based Corrections: A Text/Reader by Shannon M. Barton-Bellessa and Robert D. Hanser. Please note that all the materials on this site are especially geared toward maximizing the potential for students to learn and enhance class discussion

The following materials are available on this site:

Section Resources

The web quiz provides multiple choice questions to enhance students’ understanding of the material. Answers are provided for each question after the quiz has been completed.

The eFlashcards are a tool for students to enhance their understanding of key terms outlined in the chapters. These eFlashcards may also be used as a study tool for exams and quizzes.

Web Resources
These links to relevant websites direct both instructors and students to additional resources for further research on important chapter topics.

Video Resources
These links correlate with important concepts and topics in each section.

SAGE Journal Articles -- Coming Soon!

A “Learning From SAGE Journal Articles” feature provides access to recent, relevant full-text articles from SAGE’s leading research journals. Each article supports and expands on the concepts presented in the chapter. This feature also provides discussion questions to focus and guide student interpretation.


We gratefully acknowledge the work of Desiré J. M. Anastasia for assisting with the creation of the useful and accessible ancillary materials for this site.