Global Societies: Fragmenting and Connecting

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Cultural Sociology

Read the latest Special Issues from CUS

Berger and Luckmann's 'The Social Construction of Reality' at 50 Guest editor: Hector Vera

March 2016

Sociology of Literature in the Early 21st Century: Away From the Centre Guest editors: Thomas Franssen and Giselinde Kuipers

September 2015

The Social Spaces of Music Guest editors: Nick Crossley and Wendy Bottero

March 2015


50th Anniversary e-Special Issues and Podcasts
To mark the 50th anniversary of Sociology, the journal is delighted to present a series of e-Specials. The issues cover different chronological periods and examine the debates and themes in sociology over the last fifty years.

A series of three podcasts have also been produced, featuring interviews with authors of some of the articles included. Listen to Jacquelyn Allen-Collinson and Louise Ryan speaking with Nick Crossley, Elizabeth Garnsey and Sylvia Walby

Social Class and Sociology: The State of the Debate Between 1967 and 1979 Guest editors: Louise Ryan and Claire Maxwell

Sociology in the 1980's: The Rise of Gender (and Intersectionality) Guest editors: Silke Roth and Katherine Dashper

Self-Identity and Its Discontents: Sociology in the 1990s Guest editors: David Skinner, Vanessa May and Nicola Rollock

Sociology in the 21st Century: Reminiscence and Redefinition Guest editors: Rana Jawad, Paddy Dolan and Tracey Skillington

Work, employment & society

To celebrate its 30th anniversary, we are offering free access to all WES content throughout April.

On the Front Line Collection

The WES On the Front Line collection gives a ‘vivid behind the scenes’ insight into the contemporary world of work. All articles are free to download, as part of our wider commitment to public sociology. Access the full collection

'It's a tough drug to kick': a woman's career in broadcasting by Doris Ruth Eikhof and Charlotte York (2015)

The expectations and aspirations of a late-career professional woman by Carol Atkinson, Jackie Ford, Nancy Harding and Flora Jones (2015)

'Yes Chef': life at the vanguard of culinary excellence by Robin Burrow, Chef John Smith and Christalla Yakinthou (2015)

For this I was made': conflict and calling in the role of a woman priest Adrian Madden, Catherine Bailey and Reverend Canon Jean Kerr (2015)

Sociological Research Online

Special Section on Emotion

Linking Emotions: Emotions as the Invisible Threads That Bind People Together by Natàlia Cantó-Milà

Performativity and the Power of Shame: Lesson Observations, Emotional Labour and Professional Habitus by Ursula Edgington

Enduring or Crossing Distance for Love? Negotiating Love and Distance in the Lives of Mixed Transnational Couples By Rebecca Chiyoko King-O'Riain

Inequality and Prejudice. German Social Scientist as Producers of Feeling Rules by Helena Flam and Jochen Kleres

Events at the BSA annual conference

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Plenary Speakers

Paula England, Class Gradients on Nonmarital Births, “Blaming Victims”, and the Theoretical Mechanisms
Wednesday 13:30 – 15:00, Great Hall

Claire Alexander and Anoop Nayak, Researching Race In and Out of the Academy
Thursday 17:15 – 18:40, Great Hall

Danny Dorling, Multicultural Britain – A better politics for a different society
Friday 13:30 – 15:00, Great Hall

Selected articles by plenary speakers published in Sociology

Race Ends Where? Race, Racism and Contemporary Sociology - 2015 By Anoop Nayak

Thinking about Class - 2014 By Danny Dorling

Displaced Masculinities: Chavs, Youth and Class in the Post-industrial City - 2006 By Anoop Nayak

Journal Events

Peer Reviewing Insights: Tips from the experts
Wednesday 15:30 – 17:00, Room 127, Conference Centre

Special Session: BSA journal Sociology 50th Anniversary
Wednesday 17:15 – 18:15, G11 – Byng Kendrick room

Social Capital Goes to School: Sociology SAGE Prize Winners’ Event
Thursday 15:30 – 17:00, Conference Centre room 139

An Editor’s Eye: Sociology and 50 Years of Editing Sociology 
Thursday 15:30 – 17:00, Stafford 1-2, CAMS, Main Building

Sociology 50th Anniversary Drinks
Friday 18:00 – 19:00, Courtyard Restaurant, Conference Centre