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The Essentials
Mary K. Stohr and Anthony Walsh
Stohr and Walsh - Corrections: The Essentials

Chapter Resources

Chapter 1: Introduction to the Book: The Philosophical and Ideological Underpinnings of Corrections

Chapter 2: The History of Corrections: Early Practices and Prisons

Chapter 3: Correctional History: Reforms and Themes

Chapter 4: Sentencing: The Application of Punishment

Chapter 5: Jails

Chapter 6: Community Corrections & Probation

Chapter 7: Prisons

Chapter 8: The Correctional Experience for Staff

Chapter 9: Community Corrections: Parole and Prisoner Reentry

Chapter 10: Women and Corrections

Chapter 11: Minorities and Corrections

Chapter 12: Juveniles and Corrections

Chapter 13: Legal Issues in Corrections

Chapter 14: Correctional Programming and Treatment

Chapter 15: Corrections in the 21st Century