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ADHD/Mental Health Matters
ADHD and the Implications for the Criminal Justice System

American Criminal Justice System

Howard Becker's labeling theory

Biosocial Perspectives in Criminology

Bureau of Justice Statistics Crime and Victim Statistics NIBRS Resource Guide Statistics on drugs and crime Homicide trends in the United States Burglary trends in the United States

Canadian Mental Health Association
Violence and mental illness

Center for Spatially Integrated Social Science
Mayhew and Cartographic Criminology

Computer Crime & Intellectual Property Section
United States Department of Justice

Conflict criminology

Corporate Crime Reporter

Court TV/Crime Library All about serial killers The Timothy McVeigh Story Victimology: The Study of Victims in Criminal Investigations

Criminological Theory on the Web
Sutherland's differential association

Department of Homeland Security

John Douglas Mind Hunter
Multiple Homicides: Serial Killers, Spree Slayers, and Mass Murderers

Drug War Facts
Alcohol and crime

Fast Track Project

Feminist Perspective on Women and Crime

FBI Homepage
Crime in the United States, 2004

John Hagedorn's Gang Research Website

Human Genome Project
Genes and Behavior: A Complex Relationship

International Association of Arson Investigators

International Victimology Website

National Criminal Justice Reference Service
Social Disorganization Theory and Rural Communities

Organized Crime/Criminal Justice Resources

Peacemaking Criminology

Psychiatric Times
"Psychopathy and Antisocial Personality Disorder: A Case of Diagnostic Confusion"

Psychological theories of crime

Rational Choice and Deterrence Theories

Strain Theories on Crime

Terrorism Research Center

Theories of rape and sexual assault

Victim and Victimology Resources

White-collar crime/Cornell Law School