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Chapter 3: The Use of Theory: End-of-Chapter Checklist

Check to see whether you have mastered this chapter's content by reflecting on the following questions. You should be able to answer each based on the material presented in the chapter. If you are unsure about any item, refer back to the relevant pages listed from the text.

  1. What are the types of variables used in quantitative studies? (See pages 49–51)

  2. How do you define a quantitative theory? (See pages 51–52)

  3. What are the forms of a quantitative theory? (See pages 53–55)

  4. How do you write a theoretical perspective into a quantitative study? (See pages 55–61)

  5. What are the types of theory used in qualitative research? (See pages 61–64)

  6. What are the options for placing theories into a qualitative study? (See pages 65–66)

  7. How do you place a theoretical lens into a mixed methods study? (See pages 66–69)