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Chapter 7: Small-Group Relationships, Leadership, and Decision Making: Online Audio and Video Clips
  1. This famous scene from 12 Angry Men indicates how a group is often invited to make decisions on the basis of prejudice and not the facts. Look how the other members of the group deal with the outburst of one of its members:

  2. A scene from Apollo 13 where the group is given an almost impossible problem and sets about starting to solve it. Look for promotive communication and the functions of communication in the decision:

  3. Group Norms and Rules
    This video discusses group norms and rules. As you read Chapter Seven from your textbook and watch and listen to this video, determine how it is that the collective experiences of individual group members contribute to the development of group norms. As you do this, how is it that your group’s norms are connected to your group culture?

  4. Leadership “Assumed”
    Read the section on leadership in your textbook. Then, watch this video. While watching, listen for the candidate’s referrals to leadership. What do his comments say about his perceptions of leadership? Do you believe that his perceptions of leadership are classic “textbook” leadership? Why or why not? Do his perceptions of leadership match YOUR perceptions of what constitutes leadership? Why or why not?